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Got My Work Cut Out For Me

So in the last 17yrs, I’ve owned 5 computers and only paid for 2. The rest were hand-me-downs.

And in this time I have learned to do my own tech repair, migrations, backups, maintenance and all other shit you pay other people to do to fix your machine.  The process of transferring a massive amt. of data is never an easy one, though it should be. But I generally operate on the premise that shit will go wrong for any reason, at anytime  so prepare for it.

And yet, when the moment comes there’s always at least one thing that seems to surprise me. You’d think, nah, I’ve been thru this song & dance many times; I’m used to it.

But in reality, you get astonished.

Like I can’t for my life figure out why simple backed up mp3 files now aren’t being read by the new laptop computer. It’s a simple disc with a basic trasnferrable format that  I made to be read on any computer. Same OS even.

I can play movie DVD’s, but the drive cannot read blank DVD’s or burn them.

It won’t read data on CD’s either. ?!

On top of that I now i have to establish a network connection between both computers to transfer the data. Man, it’s always something! Everything I have ever saved onto the last computer won’t open in this one. It’s just horse-feathers, that’s what! What a gigantic waste of time this is gonna be, picking & choosing & sifting  through 164 GB of data. *sigh*

And then I have to cleanse & streamline the computer to give to my elderly parents. Gotta make it very easy to navigate thru and make those icons really big! Ohboy.

All in all, I’d say I’m looking at mid September after all is said & done. Sheesh. Now would be a good time to become Harry Potter. Infinatum Computergeekius! *poof