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SuperMunk Announcements

Behold! A list of events as have happened to me as of late:

  1. Doing a terrific job of avoiding the Porkapocalypse of 2009!
  2. Went on another date. And it was pleasant. Dinner, check. Beer, check. Arcade games, check. Adding up to a total of = Awesomeness!
  3. Guilt tripped Papi into spending time with his family. Cornered them both into going with me to some matsuri out east held at a local college, taught them a little about Japanese culture, then afterwards accidentaly discovered en route  a Trader Joe’s opened up a half hour away. I am BEYOND psyched about it! Bought dumplings and organic tea there, hooray! Great sunny Saturday afternoon.
  4. Have been furiously gardening/ landscaping. My fingers are all cut up from weeding and moving bricks and cinderblocks. You’d think I was working in construction or something. My thighs are sore from pulling up brickwork for hours.
  5. I had jury duty this week. I’ll post about it later.
  6. Internet signal dissappeared for several annoying days, then returned stronger than ever. Such mindfucks, I tell ya.
  7. Finally getting my damn breast cyst sonogram this week (mammograms don’t work on me for some reason)
  8. Finally uploaded some designs to my Zazzle store, but for whatever reason it’s not showing up. Still working out the bugs.

And like I’ve mentioned before, got an assload of tutorials coming up. I’ve written most already, it’s just a matter of uploading and inserting the images that takes some time.

Among the many tutorials, I will also be posting about every Twitter application I can find out there. Hey, if I hear about it, I will tell you about it. With pretty pictures! Hooray!

Also, one month is almost up, so I will write a follow-up to my post that got me that #1 Google page ranking. Believe me, I am just as excited to yield results and report them to you guys. So stay tuned.

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