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It’s GONE…!

My frustrations with my ‘other’ blogging platform are endless. I was planning on fixing up my template over there before I did the migration into WordPress. But I just logged in and guess what? IT’S GONE.

All my edits, all my widgets. GONE. And I get a popup window asking me if I want to choose a new template. WHAT THE MOTHER F&*^!  Is that it? Is that all you have to say?

Oooh MAN. Fuck you! Fuck you, so hard! Eff you all night long, and maybe a little more on Tuesday morning.

But you know what?  It’s a blessing. Cuz I was kinda dragging my feet on this anyhow.

It’s the proberbial push that gave me the hardest shove a few min. ago. I was, in effect, tired of widgets that didn’t work, features that were useless and confused. NO. Just, say, no.

So I’m doing a migration right now. I hope it works. I hope the 301 redirect works too. *gulp!* Wish me luck.