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Weird Site Snafus

So I added this weird HTML to shorten my blogposts. But it cuts off in weird places even where I don’t intent it to. Quite aggravating.

And I checked my FeedBurner to let me see how many hits i got, etc. And many visitors have shown up here (thank you lovely readers!) only, if you’ll notice my counter says only one reader has shown up. What bollocks! Some of my Tweeters are aso complaining with weirdness from FeedBurner. Honestly, how can I make progress in these early stages with these Google shenanigans, I ask ya?

I added other things. Like a Bravenet counter. So we will see who is telling the truth. Hmph!

I set up a tab for Freebies on my other site. As soon as I have any work ready to go, I’ll post it there and link back here. If I could figure out all these kinks faster then I could focus on designing alone. *sigh* What can one do when they work alone? Situations like these are why people encourage networking. So, anybody interested in networking with me? Be sure to leave a comment. Perhaps we can work out something evil, mmm, yes. (MUHAHAHA)