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How To Save Pics Images Text Sound Files From the Internet With Evernote

It’s basically a drag n’ drop digital scrapbook/ bulletin-board/ container of stuff. FEAR NOT- I’ll show you step-by-step. It looks like a lot, but it’s super easy!

Evernote is another cloud computing application. That’s not important; what you need to know is how to use it and I’m gonna show you how. Read on—>

Evernote's Home Page

What Does Evernote Do?

Evernote lets you pluck anything off the internet and drag it into your own Evernote app for storage. Hell, you can even edit it there or add little notations to it, like Post-It’s.

What can you save into it Images/ photos/podcasts/links/scans

What else? Make To-Do-Lists right into it/ quick text notes/ draw a quick doodle/import folders into it/ etc.

Can I use it outside my web browser? Yes.

Does it come with a bookmarklet? Yes.

Can I use it in my smartphone? Yes.

Can I use it in my iPad? Yes.

Evernote is FREE for up to 5 gigs of storage space. You wanna store more than that per month, you have to cough up $5 a month for a Premium Account.

Smartphone downloads are also FREE. Awesome!

Evernote also supports these languages:

Language support for Evernote

Evernote’s On the Cloud

Like I said. Evernote’s a cloud app. Meaning that everything gets stored in cyberspace by them. So if you constantly clip on your phone, and that phone gets stolen or dropped in water and dies, the info is still in cyberspace because that’s where it all gets stored.

But that’s only as long as you Sync your new clippings…

Evernote from the web doesn’t have the Sync button; pay attention. Evernote for the computer (standalone) and for mobile all have it. That is because everytime you take a pic of something, or find something on the web that you wanna save to Evernote, the Sync button makes web Evernote understand you added more stuff. So it ‘syncs’ with your mobile or computer to add the new goodies.

So that’s the Sync button mystery explained in laments terms.

I started typing this post some 4 months back. Seems like Evernote added a page for the Sync button in simplified terms:

Why I Use Evernote

Evernote is a pretty darn good app. Actually, the reason I downloaded it was because my friend bought a condo and since I decided to go move in with him in a few weeks, we’re talking about interior design. So I’ve been dragging & dropping pics of pillows, furniture, interiors into Evernote. You know, to inspire and drive our design tastes.

He lives in NC and I’m in NY so this is where Evernote REALLY helps, since we can’t meet face to face until the move.

Plus, we share it so he can log in and see the same notebooks I’ve been saving to all the scrap images off the internet. He can add and delete any of it’s content, same as I can. It kicks email’s ass because there’s no worry about attachments or accidentally ending up inside a spam folder. It’s simple and right in front of you.

This would’ve been great for us when we entered that design contest 2yrs ago. We kept emailing photos, pictures and drawings of prototypes and we had diff. schedules so checking email was cumbersome.

As a project management tool, this rules!

What Evernote Looks Like

Welcome to the front page of Evernote!

Evernote's front page

You with me so far? Good. Everything I said up to this point sounds like murky yakety-yak, but I’ll show you how easy-squeezy it all is.

Sign Up With Evernote

Evernote takes up this much space on your computer so check your requirements:

Evernote is about 80Mb big

Evernote sign up menu

So that’s the menu where you sign up. ( Once you do, it’ll create your Evernote account for you. Looks like this:

Welcome to Evernote menu

Evernote on the web. Notice there's no Sync button.

So this menu is your Evernote account which you are using inside Evernote itself. It comes with a little welcome message up there called Welcome to Evernote with a check box.  The message is a brief overview of what you can do in Evernote. If you check the box, it’s selected for whatever action you want to take, including deleting to the Trash bin.

We can leave the message alone for now. What you want to do; now that you’re signed in; is download the standalone version of Evernote. Doing so would be like using Tweetdeck instead of Twitter. We say yes to this.

Download Evernote For the Computer (stand-alone platform)

Go to

This is the download page:

Evernote download

Here is a list of all the gadgets you can download Evernote into (as stated on their website):

For computers
Web clipper
Mac OS X
For site owners
Site Memory button
For mobile devices
iPhone / iPod Touch
Palm Pre / Palm Pixi
Windows Mobile

I use the standalone version for the PC for the same reason I first began using Tweetdeck. I’m more comfortable using the platform side-by-side of my web browser instead of inside it.

Evernote and Firefox side by side

How To Use Evernote

How to use it? Simple.

You ‘Clip’ anything you see off the internet and dump it right into Evernote. Like a sorta scrapbook.

(note that Evernote has folders it calls Notebooks)

So let’s say you already downloaded and installed Evernote. Go ahead and log out of and open the installed version, log in.

We are brought again into your Evernote account. Remember the welcome message? Yeah, double-click on it:

Evernote's Web Clipper

What, is a Web Clipper indeed!

Well, it’s the magic button you click on to clip something off the internet so you can dump it into Evernote.

So let’s install it, shall we? Sure. The Web Clipper is located on the Downloads page:

Web Clipper button for Evernote

Evernote for Safari

As the picture above shows, go ahead and click down on that green button I circled in pink, and place it on your bookmarks list in your web browser of choice. (I’m using Safari in this tutorial) And that’s it. There it is, ready to go.

If you’re using Firefox, the Web Clipper page automatically resets itself to detect Firefox and offers a plug-in for it:

Evernote for Firefox

How To Clip Images In Evernote

Let’s try to clip any ol’ image off the internet. I go to a website with a really nice picture of this pink piano:

Image from web to clip into Evernote

So I wanna ‘Clip’ the image. But, how?

Select the image you want, ( I highlited mine) and click on the Clip To Evernote button (that’s what the Web Clipper is, silly!)

Clipping (saving) to Evernote

Aaand BINGO!

Confirmation of clipping to Evernote

Then you click the Done button at the bottom there and that’s it.

Now it shows up inside your Evernote dashboard:

successfull image clipping

Wasn’t that FUN?! Yes! Yes it was!

You want MOAR? You got it!

So I clipped two more images:

Take a moment to study the next image. It’s the middle pic you see above after I double-clicked on it:

saved image inside Evernote

  • You can always return to the website the image came from (even if you don’t remember) by clicking on Go To Source. By scrolling the cursor over it, you see the name of the website you clipped from.
  • Where it says 4 Notes at the top left, that means 4 items are saved into my Evernote account. That’s the Welcome message and 3 images I saved.
  • At the very top you have the option of Invite A Friend to open and see the same content you already saved.

Let’s save something else to Evernote.

How To Save Tweets In Evernote

So if you have Twitter (and who doesn’t?) you can save them too.

Go to and sign in.

*PLEASE NOTE*Just because you’re logged into the standalone Evernote doesn’t mean you’re automatically logged into it at their website.

To link your Evernote account with Twitter you must log in first. Then go into Settings> Twitter and link or unlink to your Twitter account.

Evernote Sign In page

Linking Twitter with Evernote

The notification that you’re now linked should appear now.

Evernote Twitter linkup confirmation

And now I sign into my  Twitter account and check for that Evernote tweet:

check your Twitter for Evernote's message

And by clicking on that link, you finally activate your Twitter to Evernote. Done.

From here on, just Direct Message any tweet with @myEN and those tweets get sent to your Evernote account.

Customizing Your Evernote

As you can see below, I can save Twitter replies from my account right into Evernote.

The Basics of Evernote

TAGS: You can apply tags to items same as anything. Makes categorizing easier.

NOTEBOOKS: Your default notebook is labeled with your account’s username. You can add more of your own, or download pre-made notebooks on all kinds of information from Evernote’s library which totally rocks, btw.

ITEMS VIEW LIST: Everything you clip is listed in that middle pane there. When you scroll over it, it shows up large on the right pane there. In this example, I used the Bugatti espresso machines as you can plainly see. The right pane shows you the tag name and the website link it came from. Click the web link and it’ll take you to the website.

SYNC BUTTON: After you finish clipping stuff, clicking the Sync button allows standalone Evernote to update your account at so it can contain all your new clippings. Works the same way if you clip from your cell phone or wherever.

CURRENT MONTHLY USAGE: This is a meter Evernote uses to keep track of how much space every month your clippings take up. Which is why they offer a paid upgrade for more space.

TRASH: Just check off any notes in your list and click the Trash can on the left window pane. Empty it. Done.

How To Draw In Evernote

Yes, you can draw and doodle in Evernote! Here’s how:

drawing in Evernote

*NOTE* You can use your mouse, but I have a Wacom tablet so I use my pen stylus which is a whole lot easier!

Select the Ink Note icon at the top, and the memopad shows up in the right pane as you can see above. Then select the pencil icon. (pink arrow’s pointing to it)

Those 3 List View buttons will organize your clippings however you want to see them arranged. I click on it and you can see my doodle automatically saved into All Notebooks. This is because I didn’t specify where to save it.

How To Write In Evernote

Apparently, you can also write notes or documents inside Evernote:

Writing in Evernote

How To Upload Folders In Evernote

Yes, you can upload an entire folder into Evernote. But only as long as you still have enough monthly space in your account. (file  size cannot exceed size allotted per month)

For example, here’s my file folder:

Let’s upload. Tools> Import Folders > and find the one you want in the list. If you don’t see what you want, click the Add button and search for it:

Uploading a folder in Evernote

It’s a little confusing to say you can upload a folder, because the folder itself doesn’t get uploaded. It’s the folder’s content that gets into Evernote:

Folder contents uploaded to Evernote

So it worked as you can see. The tattoo images have been imported from the Tat folder.

You see the monthly Current Monthly Usage meter there? It’ll turn red and a pop-up warning window will appear if that folder is too big to import. You can get around this if you shrink down the size of your folder’s contents, such as photos. Or, if you delete some of the files in that folder, that’ll take up less space.

Now there’s two ways you can view each item. In the right window pane, or in a floating window by itself. Neat, huh?

Viewing preferences in Evernote

YOu can even select a note and add notations to it, like so:

Add text to notes in Evernote

And you can change the colors and fonts as well…

Change fonts and colors of text in Evernote

Customizing rules!

How To Email From Evernote

YES, you can email any content inside Evernote to yourself! Yes we can-can!

Select any note (item) in your Evernote account and click the Email icon you see at the top. That easy.

Emailing from Evernote

Again, if you’re extremely close to using up what’s left of your monthly storage, you may not be able to perform the emailing action.

In this example, I was able to send the image to my email account as you can see:

How To Save Sound, Audio Files In Evernote

Let me explain one thing here. You can save the audio files into Evernote, but Evernote cannot web clip the actual sound byte because it’s not like it has a download manager. You cannot use Evernote to do any MP3 downloads.

What you can do is add that download page with the download link as a new item into Evernote. You can even drag n’ drop the actual MP3 into it. (provided you downloaded one)

Like any other web clipping, you just highlight the download link and click the Evernote icon. Usually works; if the website’s formatted weird it may not clip all the content.

I did not have enough space in my Evernote this month, so the MP3 didn’t make it in. It did however, make a link to where it is stored on my computer as you can see above.

I actually love Evernote so much that I made  a second account. So I logged into it and tried the same thing; I have more space in this account:

Warning message in Evernote

The warning message came up again because I’m dangerously close to exceeding the storage limit, however, the info was saved into the note. So I have not only the link to the website for the MP3 but also, the actual MP3. Because I dragged it in there after I downloaded it.

As a bonus, right after dragging the MP3 into my note, my computer automatically starts playing it with whatever default media player you have loaded onto your computer:

Adding an MP3 into a new note in Evernote

Someone wrote this in the Evernote forums about tips for MP3s in Evernote. It’s a quick read and informative.

And if you’re interested, the Dial2D0 app can be found in the Trunk. It offers a FREE and paid version of a software that transcribes your Evernote sound files.

What Is the Trunk Button For?

I’m covering this now because I wanted you to get the hang of Evernote first, before exploring all the add-on doodats. The Trunk button is that second button you see at the top of the menu with the plus sign. It takes you to a page listing  all the apps compatible with Evernote.

Here’s one of them. Did you know that there’s an app for scanning receipts & business cards???

The app for Evernote scans receipts and businesscards

Which Web Browsers Evernote Supports

If you’re using an older version of your web browser, a similar message like this will pop up:

Evernote currently supports these web browsers

Help For Evernote

I think I’ve pretty much covered all the basic functions. My only gripe is that because I have two Evernote accounts, the web clipper automatically signs me in with whichever one I used when I installed the stand-alone Evernote. I have hopes the Evernote people will correct this in the future. I’d really hate to have to keep uninstalling/ reinstalling just to access either account!

Evernote keeps adding features to let you add all kinds of media so keep checking back; I believe video apps may be available now. (check the Trunk section)  Bottom line, Evernote’s amazing as a project management tool. Or for people with ADHD like me. Rowrr!


Brightkite – Want to REALLY be found?

Right on the heels of my Local Tweeps post, I bring you Brightkite! Another Twitter application that really let’s freaks people in Twitterverse and elsewhere find you.

Here is all the wonderful things Brightkite can do for you. Behold! A few cut & paste pics of the front of Brightkite explaining what it does for you:

Stuff you can use Brightkite for

True to form, it allows you to find others near wheresoever you are currently using your Brightkite acct. from.

Yes, you can post photos on here.

Yes, you can also find places where others have visited before. But for all it’s searchable versatility, Brightkite’s easy interface gets easily overshadowed by the very noticeable fact that it seems to give away so much of your own information as well. Unintentionally of course.

How? Ask me about my paranoid intuition and low prices!

Let’s get started on this magical adventure called Brightkite, shall we?

What Does Brightkite Look Like?

So for whatever reason, Brightkite knows where ever you are in the world and I’m guessing it’s reading your ISP#. Or tracking you by GPS? Because the front page lists whatever  town’s name automatically from the computer terminal  on it like so. See the pic below?

Brightkites front page

Brightkite's front page

Now it lists a bunch of people within range of where my computer terminal is located. And BTW I don’t even have a Brightkite account as of this writing. Now I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that this is how it works for the phone application too:

Oh wow, I was right! This dude’s on my Twitter and tweeting this photo he took from his iPhone on vacation. If I was a robber, I’d totally break into his house because now I know he’s not home! For a few days! Is that enough time? Sweet…I”m kidding! I’m no felon! Heh.

FYI, according to Brightkite you don’t need fancy phones for this, since any ol’ cell phone will do. Just look on the first page under the iPhone app.

So I’m gonna go ahead and click on one of the folks on the front page list, (remember it shows people local to you) and select some random dude named Rayga:

And it tracks your movements in real time. Which is a little creepy from a safety concern.

Here, we can see his driving habits; what highways/ routes he normally takes, what he looks like, his name, his gender, and other social bookmarking profiles he has such as his Facebook , Last FM and Twitter profiles. Based on this scant information I can easily follow him around if I was a stalker, though I suspect Rayga doesn’t have that problem as much? Good thing he’s not the hot chick with big tits that rejected you last week and you hold a grudge against, eh                        Mr. Psycho Stalker?

What, you don’t think tracking him is too easy? Alright, let’s take a deeper look at the rest of his profile by scrolling down further:

So now I know where he goes on a ritual basis, which major highways he normally takes.

Now I also know his car has a white leather (or pleather) interior with a moonroof and it looks like in the picture above. I suppose some people can recognize the make and model of this car but i’m no gung-ho car nut!

I also know what he looks like up close in portrait view.  I know that he went to South Valley Stream, NY twelve days ago. No, I’m not a cop.

Now let’s click on the Places tab to really get an idea of Rayga‘s travel’s:

You don’t need to be a highly trained CIA spook to profile people anymore!

Sensitive Information

What’s the most frightening thing I’m noticing? It’s that Rayga just volunteered such highly sensitive information as to which bank he most likely has an account at? Supposing if I was a con artist, I could call up that bank branch with his SSN#, and when they ask when was the last time I made a deposit I’d tell them which branch and when, just like in the picture above. Then I could get my hands on his tasty bank account $$$$.

And from further delving into his Brightkite posts, I also know that Rayga has an affinity for Starbucks, cars (he traveled to the Auto Show), and  other local cafes (Panera – This one I recognize because I’ve been to it before- yikes!)

And in case you didn’t get that, you click on the @ Panera Bread under the photo and this pops up, complete with address and Google Map:

However, it does give you the option of setting Privacy at this place as it states under the Check In Here button at the top right corner, as you can see. I’m guessing ol’ Rayga doesn’t pay no mind to this feature. But if you can privatize it, then what is the point of Brightkite anyways? Well, you can set it to only friends watching it so I guess that answers the question.

So photos aside, right now let’s click on his Friends tab:

Sure Rayga voluntarily gave up a lot of sensitive info, but what about his friends? Here they are on his list above.

My rudimentary preconception was that Brightkite pulls all your tweets and places them here, but that is not true. In fact, after clicking on many other Brightkite user profiles you see not all of them have Twitter at all.  Or any of them, really. Some of them state their Facebook profiles or Last Fm profiles, with no Twitter profile whatsoever. And maybe there’s no need to even bring Twitter into this, because Brightkite lists short SMS texts the same way so there’s no need for it.

HOWEVER, there’s a blog post by Brightkite about how Twitter posts are now supported into the Brightkite wall. So you can voluntarily let Brightkite users in on all of your Twitter posts by your own hand. Isn’t that precious?

Anyhoo, let’s click on that last friend he has on the list, that JNez as example:

This is what we’ve got: On the afternoon of April 27th, JNez spent it at the corner of Riverside Dr. and W 76th st, by some kind of a weeping willow tree. So if I was stalking him, this would take the guesswork out of it.

Also, another fella by the moniker of rbtlowe also spent some time there at that Riverside address:

But if you notice on the list of Places, it says Add to Placemarks which is what I’m guessing this dude did. So if a person clicks on Add to Placemarks then it adds this Riverside Dr placemark into your list of Places so people know where you’re currently traveling.

Safety Concerns

I just don’t see how Brightkite is helpful as it is a major invasion of privacy. Ok, so you ask your pal to meet up with you but you keep texting him and he’s kind of a moron, and can’t find the big yellow billboard to meet you at. So if you both had this application on your phones I guess it would work. But um, you can also call him and say “I’m across the street/ the ONLY billboard around/hang on; sending photo to your phone/ you’re a moron!”

And what of the safety factor? I even saw some dude’s Places list had several ATM listings! Now what if I was a habitual robber? I’d know what wimp I can tackle where, and scope out the place beforehand for any signs of desolation (empty adjacent lots). What? No one around? Oh good! That guy who just withdrew the 6 $20.00 bills from the ATM? Yea, he’s kinda smaller than me. I can take him. No one around on a late Sat. night? Even better, doobee-doobee-doo…

Also, I have another Follower on my Twitter feed that posted a photo of him and his kids on Brightkite, and I’m wondering if he has any concerns about it. Because the photo looked like it was taken in someone’s backyard, and it lists the address of where they were when it was taken. For security purposes, I’m not showing the picture. From a safety standpoint, I don’t think I’d have done the same if I had kids. I mean, that to me seems like a great way to announce to pedo’s about where to go to snatch my kids from me. And it seems to be in one of those places where people leave their doors open because it’s ‘so safe’. Sweet Jebus! I wonder if he also carries a shotgun like everyone seems to be doing?

Let’s be plenty honest. Most kids do not think too deeply about pre-cautionary safety concerns because they’re too in the moment and/ or can’t fathom that anybody can hack their way so deeply into secure lines. Or sadly, some don’t need to try too hard. Dangers are out there all around us. Of course giving away too much info is everyone’s personal responsibility, as is not accidetally posting photos with license plates/ house numbers/ house addresses/ license information or that of your pals. Or your teenager posting a photo of the local Taco Bell her and her friends usually hang out at. (remember BK shows the addresses)

But the responsibility is ours when it comes to using every single social network  in cyberspace, not just Brightkite, and also applications on our cell phones. If you have children, I highly urge you to take precautions and make them think twice about what info they post. They may be showing more info than they think is important to criminals.

So SuperMunk, are there any better helpful uses for Brightkite?

Glad you asked!

Apparently, it is very good for getting businesses noticed.

Getting Businesses Noticed

For example! I did see an interesting pic on my hometown listing and showed this happy social gathering:

So I clicked on it and it took me to jchiar‘s profile where it displayed this picture in full detail:

So if I wanted to go to this Asian cuisine restaurant near me now I’m aware of the address of the Sweet Mandarin. (239 N Main Ste, Sayville, NY) Great for me, cuz I’m always on the lookout for pan-Asian food establishments especially out here where they are low in demand. So, hooray, it serves business needs. But now I know where I can hit up this dude if I ever go in there. Luckily I’m not ‘stalking’ him either, yeesh!

Setting Up A Brightkite Wall

For businesses, Brightkite allows you to set up what’s called a ‘Wall’. The wall is basically a live feed of all updates regarding the establishment you enter. So like, Joe Schmoe’s Bar (type address in Search bar) and puts up a real time list of every announcement to date, including every single person who ‘checked in‘ in or nearby that particular address.

Here’s how else it serves businesses: On their blog, I pulled up this post that talks about how Brightkite was used to display on a flat screen monitor at a business called The Mattress Factory (an art museum in Pittsburgh) and they used BK to set up a ‘wall’ so the museum’s guests could use it to visually interact via texts and it would show up on the museum’s big ol’ flat screen tv. Where everyone can see it. Remember now, you make the choice to join into their ‘wall’.

And In Summation…

It seems great for business needs, so all customers can get going spreading the buzz about your business. All Brightkite users can Add To Placemarks the business addres into their Places list and everybody can find it in the Search query.

You can set it to show only posts by Everybody / Me & friends / Only Me.

For every place you ‘Check In At‘ you can set it to Add to placemarks or to  Privacy at this place.

My only concern with Brightkite is it’s black & white security settings. From what I understand, either you can either set it to strangers seeing ALL your private info, or none of it (which renders it useless)? Quite a pickle; I’m still in doubts over this.

So to sum up. Brightkite tells the whole world where you can be found at various places every single day, complete with photos that you yourself supply! It can be integrated into other social bookmarking applications such as Twitter and Facebook, it can also show detail specific Google Maps of where you’re currently at, and allow you post photos of where you are.  These photos complete with address are great ways for spreading the word about hip and happeing places you always wanted to venture out to, but had doubts about making the long journey if you don’t see what you like. So now you can!

For personal uses I find it is disastrously invasive but, for business related activities it’s all peaches and cream. I may even set up my own wall for my business! So enjoy; lemme know how it goes. No seriously, I’m curious!