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Twitter App For Who’s Following You

Want a Twitter app to see who’s following you and who isn’t?

It’s called Friend Or Follow and it is 100% USEFUL.

(unlike other Twitter apps…!)

  • Friend Or Follow has shown me which of my Followers I’m not following back/ which of the people I follow aren’t following me.
  • Friend Or Follow can tell me this info via an Excel spreadsheet I can download to my computer.
  • Friend Or Follow can sort out all the Followers and Friends by Username/ Name/ Location/ Followers/ Following/ Last Tweet/ Account Age –via dropdown menu

Let’s go!

So I go to their web address, and this page displays. I typed in my Twitter name:

Of course after I hit the Submit button, it takes me to the following page below. Notice it resembles like a mini version of my Twitter profile, complete with my customized background wallpaper:

So a couple things to notice…

  1. At the top is my name, SuperMunk, with a little round symbol next to it.
  2. Click on my name>takes you to my Twitter profile.
  3. Click on round symbol>takes you to my blog (I put down my blog name for a web address on my Twitter profile)
  4. It contains the following tabs: Following, Fans, Friends
  5. The Following tab is the one that automatically displays. Notice it says supermunk‘s following these 60 people, but they’re not following supermunk back. These are the folks you follow but they’re not following you.
  6. Notice below that, it says Export as CSV.

So let’s click on the next tab, Fans. Fans are the people who follow you but you have no plans to follow them. Please note the dropdown menu and spreadsheet link I mentioned.

And when I try to Export that spreadsheet file,

It downloads to my computer no problem. And this is what that file looks like when I open it:

Notice I highlighted the two columns, Followers_Count and Friends_Count. It’s helpful in helping me determine which followers to befriend and which to nix.

It gives you some very important info, like when those accounts where created, bios, location, etc. For business purposes, these vitals are pure demographic gold!

You can find out more details on each Fan (or Follower) just by rolling the cursor over any given profile. Just like I did below:

See? I highlited so you can see which person I clicked over, someone by the name Grisanti. And you can see their stats in a mini-window like you see here.

And the Friends tab:

Friends, are the people you follow that follow you back.

Now, you can get a Featured Profile by forking over some ca$h, as shown in the window below:

The Featured Profiles get shown in an animated banner that stretches across, like that ErikJHeels you see above.

So if you click on that right-hand side mini link,, you get the window below:

But I haven’t tried it so if you do, you gotta tell me!

Bottom line: This Twitter app is GOLD for digging thru mines of wasteful spammers and separating them from the real Followers!

Pros: You can do this in your regular Twitter account, but you’ll be sifting thru Twitter’s long lists clicking on each and every single Follower and waiting for those pages to refresh so you can read their stats and hope to God that Twitter doesn’t crash in the meantime, or hope other API features deter you.

Friend Or Follow helps you see who you want to keep before you log into your Twitter profile and start deleting.

Cons: I only wish I could do the deleting right from Friend Or Follow. Oh well. Will be looking for updates in the future.

Enjoy. I gotta go delete some spammer’s asses right now!