About SuperMunk

*Revised: 4.23.10
*Updated: 6.14.09

About SuperMunk

After over 4 thousand page views, I, SuperMunk, would like to thank everyone who visited and especially commented on my site.

So many changes happened since I started this site.

For example, Goldman Sachs got their hand caught in the federal cookie jar, a volcano erupted on an island and caused massive monetary losses for airlines worldwide, and the pores on my face seem larger.

Well it’s a travesty to me-nyah!

Yessir, it all sucks to high heaven. The world is troubled right now, and the last thing you need is to go through several hundred websites and pages trying to figure out how the hell to make simple changes to your sites.  Life is stressful enough right now for everybody; who has that kind of time?!!

SuperMunk got you covered. I read through all the jargon and fluff in order to facilitate the process of readying my blog or website for the process of SEO, or just adding simple helpful changes. You lucky readers get to read and witness my magical journey unfold in real-time, and at the same time, learn from my site-building mistakes and triumphs.

Main reason I do this is to get the hang of SEO in order to aid my own ambitions. I am a designer by trade and to help sell my wares and such, I will attempt to join in the SEO game.

I don’t claim to be an SEO guru or expert, but I am in the process of learning and whenever I master such skills, I will return from Mt. Olympus to tell all of you readers how to do it. And I won’t make you jump through hoops to learn it either.

SuperMunk posts are all about tweaking/ tricking out your sites, test-runs for software apps, hardware, and everything in between.

*WARNING* At this time, I’d like to advise everyone of three very important points before any further delving into this site:

1) While I do cover a lot of techniques and applications, I’m just here chronicling every step I take for my own benefit. SuperMunk is guaranteed to make mistakes and will write about them. If you decide to try out any SuperMunk steps and anything I’ve written about, it’s out of your own accord and ultimately you are responsible for your own actions. Use your own common sense when visiting websites, uploading, downloading and installing products.

SuperMunk cannot guarantee the readiness or stability of any product or technique reviewed here, therefore SuperMunk and the SuperMunk site cannot be held responsible for it’s effectiveness and/or lack thereof.

2) At this time, SuperMunk does not get paid for any endorsements so anything remotely resembling a recommendation is strictly from SuperMunk’s own opinion. Any businesses interested in SuperMunk  test-driving your products, email me:  supermunk_ichiban@yahoo.com or just leave a comment anywhere on this site.

3) Everything I write is all from my demented point-of-view, which may offend some  lightweights.

Now I don’t necessarily say curse words for the sake of shock value – if it comes up in a post it’s most likely from how I feel at the time of writing. But I can guarantee you I may toss in a few strong words here or there since I don’t believe in censorship. If you are too delicate then turn away, lest ye become a pillar of salt. Anyone else without a weak stomach and a strong constitution, read on!

For blogging, I invested in the following tools:

The Hardware:

Flip Ultra camcorder

Flip Ultra camcorder

Alienware Area 51 laptop

Alienware Area 51 laptop

Bamboo Wacom tablet

Bamboo Wacom tablet

Sony Cybershot

Sony Cybershot

The Fluffyware:

My assistant, Loki (I don't pay you in puppy treats to take it easy!)

Working my way up towards monetizing this blog and will chronicle every step of the way; every single enhancement, site design, embarrassing dirt, snafu and anything else so you can see for yourself if this artist with limited HTML knowledge has what it takes to make it.

I’m starting off with a mere $1.77 left in my account, a laptop, and a Wacom tablet. Game on!

Note: Please read thru my disclaimer before perusing any further through this website.


3 responses to “About SuperMunk

  1. Come on Supermunk! Don’t feel sorry for yourself.
    You are a talented person as far as I can figure out from your blog. Good luck and go for it!

  2. Keep POSITIVE. Deligence and persistance usually does the trick although I’ve had a lot of ups and downs also.

    Will somebody please buy Globalfreezing.com, Discountbenefits.com or something?

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