Supermunk Update; XVIIIMMwhatevs

Holy fucktards! Where did i go?

I was creating graphics for my shirts for all my stores sucka. That takes time.

supermunk doodle

Not an accurate representation of a Supermunk…not even close.

Another thing that takes time is promotion. My god. Never underestimate how many hours social media sucks from your life & soul, like those damn wispy shadow things from the harry potter movies.

I feel all shriveled up…

Also pimping all my sites, coding, researching, creating custom headers, graphics, etc.

Also discovered webcasting so yea…that took over my life but, resulted in customers so hooray!

Now here’s a rundown of things I am implementing in the next few weeks, and God help me if my ADHD doesn’t stop me from achieving these:

  • A very basic SEO ebook for morons
  • An ebook for how to optimize & sell an ebook for morons
  • An ebook for how to optimize & make money with youtube videos

Already started on all those so i’m ahead.

My head is all kinds of swimmy with SEO techniques rite now. Barely sleeping/eating because i am THIS CLOSE to cracking this shit! I’ll spend the week/month./summer getting all of this set up. I’m like Kerouac rite now, all sweaty and madly driven to finish that damn book.

Thanks to my Tshirt sales, I am getting super close to purchasing the basic necessary SEO marketing tools but i’m not completely there yet, so please become a superhero and donate even a dollar or 2 to this very important cause. Every dollar helps allow me to acquire more products to test drive, so you don’t have to squander mega bucks or waste valuable hours of your lives.

The Paypal Donate link is available by clicking on HERE. Thank you all once more, for tuning back in to the ol’ Supermunk blog, and have an abundant and fortuitous day.

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