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Another Supermunk Status Update

Since so much has been brewing lately, and because it’s too much to put into a mere 140 characters, I’m gonna type it here.

Typing about my personal happenings here makes me largely uncomfortable because ideally the focus of this site is to provide my own tutorials and other helpful info. I feel that talking about me takes you away from that, but as it is, I cannot leave my audience wondering WTF? and ‘where is this bitch lately’.

No, I’m not leaving anyone hangin’. That’s a shitty thing to do/ not my style.

So! Lotta crazyness lately.  Crazyness, such as the mystery smell plaguing my bedroom suspiciously reminiscent of Count Chocula, which I do not eat. And then some…

Bullets CAN be your friend!

  • As some of you know, my computer is embarrassingly old, to the point of almost falling apart. It’s gone as far as she can take me and now I’ve got my friend looking for a ‘newer’ donation for me *awww I swear it’s pieced together with duct tape and black magic
  • I’m doing the best I can to fix it. Meaning moving files to disc & cloud, repartitioning and inevitably reformatting the whole thing. It is NO, easy task! One that’s been taking me days and days *them’s a lotta files!
  • The computer issues have seriously impeded the ebook’s progress. At the moment it is a stalled project.
  • Papi’s been on a home-improvement kick which consists of him not asking the contractor the important questions like “When are you coming” and “Do I need to move this/ seal that/ buy this/ have hot water/ turn off power?” You know, all the important shit normal people ask *someone needs adult supervision
  • As such, I’ve been moving heavy furniture with my spindly, sissy-girl arms. I’m a chump and this house has made me it’s bitch
  • I’ve been having hot flashes, PMS and an crazy libido and I’m sure I am waaay too young for menopause. Now is a bad time to NOT have health insurance. As if I need more problems?!
  • On the other hand, a buddy of mine hurt himself lifting some heavy shit at work which resulted in one large swollen testicle, baseball-sized and yellow. Soooo, things could always be worse?

But the most important aspect I’d like to talk about is Delusion. Yes, delusion.

Delving into my psyche and delving into some serious meditation has kickstarted me from a calamitous state of disarray and launched me right into a sort of manic delight. Just by thinking about it, and it changed my mood with surprisingly great results! Tapping into that subconscious is a little scary because you need to balance out that shit, but use delusion the right way and you can conquer the world! (Tony Robbins, anyone?) Use it the wrong way and you’ve got Charlie Sheen and the troll patrol.

I’ll be sure to include such a section in the ebook. That’s all for now.  My metamorphosis is in progress from loser to winner, and the coming months ahead will prove both dynamic and intense. Exciting stuff happening guys so stay tuned!

PS: HATE the new Twitter! *yuk


This is incredibly useful news: #HootSta

This is incredibly useful news: #HootStats