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SuperMunk on Facebook


And, I added myself to the ol’ FB. (not to be confused with my shirt store’s FB)

So add me to your list of favorite Pages:  SuperMunk’s Facebook

Also, I’ll get back to some postings next week. I’ve been kinda busy pimping out my store so I apologize for neglecting this site. Look forward to more frequent postings in 2011.

Have a safe and happy holiday from me to you. Don’t drink n’ drive, don’t get too hung over, but if you MUST, drink 2 large glasses of water before sleeping off the drunkenness. (to avoid major hangover symptoms) Cheers everyone!


Connect Facebook To Twitter, Connect Twitter To Facebook

There’s 2 frustrating separate processes for this – lemme show you.

First, let’s examine the 2 reasons people use Facebook in the first place:

  1. To replace their MySpace profiles and occasionally talk shit
  2. To connect their business with others and network

These are pretty much the same reasons for getting on Twitter in the first place. But a lot of people realized that using these social media platforms nets you great coverage in terms of exposure. There is added value in a marketing sense. That’s why everyone and their grandmother has a Facebook or Twitter profile these days. Each has a current valuation of just over a billion dollar$ and that’s not by accident!

So big whoop. It’s important to use both for business; I get it. But sometimes, I wanna tweet something and have it show up in my Facebook without tediously having to log into Facebook. Or vice versa. I’m in a rush and don’t have the time.

I just don’t want to necessarily log-in to one account just to post the same shit on the other!

Well, that’s the whole point of this blog post!

  • Can I send a tweet and have it automatically show up on my Facebook wall? Yes.
  • Can I write something in my Facebook wall and have it show up in my Twitter stream? Yes.

The Difference Between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page

Simple. The Profile is used for personal stuff, the Page is used for business.

You need to know that the Page is a sort-of attached add-on to the Profile, like an arm or a leg. Neither exists separately.

When I started my FB Page in 2009, it didn’t ask for cumbersome details. I ignored my Page for a whole year, then logged in to find FB asking me to fill in the details of my name and such. Like an idiot, I filled in ONLY my name (I thought it’d go to my Page details) but NO00o! Instead, it began a completely new FB Profile for me! I didn’t want that!

Later, I discovered that if you start a FB Profile that you CANNOT delete it.  Not without taking down your Page with it! Believe me, I tried. Thanks a lot FB.  “”(>_<)””  *jerks

Now, because Facebook consistently changes their rules and regulations, what I just said may not hold water weeks or months from now. This nuisance is subject to change as well, so do take it with a grain of salt.

But you probably know this if you do have a FB already set up.  Question is, do you want to link up your Twitter account to your FB Profile, or FB Page?

Let’s get started.

Why Connecting Facebook And Twitter Seems Complicated

Connecting Twitter to Facebook is a much different process than connecting Facebook to Twitter. Why?

Because connecting Twitter > Facebook only serves to help Twitter users.

And by that same logic, connecting Facebook > Twitter only serves Facebook users. Each corporation offers it’s own unique method. Frustrating, because neither party mentions this annoying reason. (you heard it here 1st folks!)

Q. But SuperMunk, if I connect one to the other, isn’t that all I need?

A. If you connect one to the other, only one RECEIVES info and, AND, only one SENDS info. You want to grant your receiver the ability to also SEND info as well, yes?

So let’s begin the connecting process, shall we?

  1. Log in to
  2. Log in to (don’t do this from Tweetdeck or other standalone platform)
  3. Keep them both open for this to work

I haven’t tried this from a cell phone or any other device, so I’ve no idea if it’ll work from there. I’d advise against it.

Let’s start off the process by first connecting Twitter > Facebook, shall we?

How To Connect Twitter To Facebook Page or Facebook Profile

Remember – both Twitter and Facebook must be open and you must be logged in to both of them, because they detect one another during the connection process.

  1. We’re connecting the Twitter for Facebook app by Twitter (to post your tweets to Facebook)
  2. Twitter has a Facebook profile. Go to it, I’ll wait…
  3. Underneath Twitter’s app picture, there’s a blue box that says Go To Application – go ahead and click on it
  4. This window below opens. This is where you get to choose to connect either your Facebook Profile or Facebook Page
  5. The green checkmark ensures the synchronization worked. And underneath it, you have the option of disconnecting both.
  6. Even though you want to link to your Page, it seems like only the Profile and Twitter avatars connecting. Don’t worry, it shows your Profile avatar by default because that’s the one your Facebook  username opens when you log in to FB. Remember you get to pick & choose which one to connect to.
  7. Let’s do a TEST TWEET:
  8. Now let’s check our Facebook Wall:
  9. The app should now be listed in Twitter; go to Settings > Connections tab to see it.

How To Connect Facebook To Twitter

To Recap both Twitter and Facebook must be open simultaneously for this to work.

  1. We’re gonna connect theFacebook, by Facebookapp, just so you’re aware of the distinction
  2. Now that you’re logged in Facebook, either go to your Profile or your Page (whichever you wanna connect Twitter to)
  3. At the top of your web browser, type and go to that address
  4. The window above opens. For purposes of this exercise, the Utilicon name you see there is for my own business FB Page but you should see your own Page or Profile  name come up in it’s place
  5. Let’s do a TEST RUN:  I’m posting a message onto my Facebook Wall and it should show up in my Twitter profile
  6. Go to your Twitter and check if the message went through:
  7. The app should now be listed in your Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook has to do things all complicated, so—->
  • From your FB Profile—> Top right-hand corner click Account > Account Settings > Notifications tab > scroll all the way down the screen to until you see Other Applications
  • Make sure Twitter‘s listed in there and the box is checked on


  • From your FB Page—> Under your Page pic, Edit Page > Applications (listed at the top of the left-hand menu) > scroll all the way down and it’s listed at the bottom of that list there

Remember – this app lets you post anything FROM FB and it shows up in Twitter, not the other way around!

You can edit your apps also if you tire of having your tweets sending over to FB or vice versa. You just find where your apps are listed (like in the FB instructions above) or in Twitter.

To remove the app from Twitter: Log in to Twitter account>  Settings> Connections tab> find the app and Remove it. Done!

This is what your apps list looks like in Twitter! Now lemme know if you have any questions and I’ll answer them in the Comments section. Happy Holidays!