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Video File Converter FREE

U heard me hotshot. Free. Oh, and super uncomplicated to use.

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Searching For A Free Video File Converter

(Windows only; sorry guys!)

Proof that newer software apps aren’t necessarily better or magnanimous.

I recently tried to convert my .WMV file to .MPG-4 to show a video to all you fine folks on my Twitter stream.

Why the converter? Because half of America uses Macs. I wish I had the ca$h for one, but times are hard and money’s tight. And when was the last time you heard of anyone opening a .WMV video on a Mac? Exactly. But that doesn’t mean my followers should not have access to view my videos either!

So I convert them. To a more universal file format.

1st – I tried to use VLC Player to do the conversion. With absolutely no luck. If you can figure it out then you must be some kind of frickin’ genious.

2nd – I tried to use the Real Player Converter. Which would’ve worked had I upgraded for a fee. And you just know SuperMunk thinks it’s stupid to waste ca$h on something you’re only gonna use once or twice.

3rd – I remembered this old app I used on many previous computers called Super C. Yes, it’s a weird name but, works easy squeezy. So I used it and voilá!

Presto-change-o, we now have an MPEG-4 video file. Hooray!

Hi. My name is SuperMunk, and I approve the following message.

Super C Video File Converter

A couple of things before we get started on the download and tutorial:

  1. Super C is FREE
  2. A lot of folks on forums claiming it ‘comes bundled with viruses’ and ‘dumped mysterious files into my system32 folder’.  Bullshit. The makers of Super C; eRightSoft; highly insist you download it straight from their site only, and they make a very LOUD point about it. If you download Super C from anywhere else chances are it’s most likely an old version/ corrupted/ infected file.
  3. Downloading Super C from the maker’s site is ANNOYING. You click on 3 links before it actually takes you where you need to do the actual download. And along the way, eRightSoft shows you various  disclaimers in gigantic red fonts all about how you should only download their software from their site, and nowhere else. This is because they don’t want your computer getting infected with virus’ that they’re not responsible for.
  4. I wish the site WAS NOT complicated, but it is. Visually speaking.
  5. There’s no direct support offered for this software, save for whatever’s already on their site, ie. Forums. Don’t complain – it’s FREEWARE.
  6. People in various forums have complained they can’t download it through Firefox but only in Internet Explorer. Horsefeathers! I got it straight through FF just fine and you can too cuz I’ll show you how. Just keep reading.
  7. If you have K-Lite Codec Pac or any other multiple codec bundles loaded onto your computer it may interfere with proper installation. Fair warning.
  8. Super C is intended to work all the way up to Windows XP but some have claimed it works on Vista as well. Not sure about W7  or Linux, you guys’ll hafta tell me about it.
  9. You can do conversions for smart phones and video game consoles as well. It’s that awesome.
  10. I said it’s FREE.

Ready? Let’s go!


How To Download Super C

Now pay attention son!

Go to their URL, and it looks like this image below:

Super C website

Notice it looks like it makes no sense? Yep, you are right.

But wait, it gets weirder!

We’re gonna click on the following to get to the Download link. Follow my diagram in pink arrows:

how to download Super C part 2

To reiterate, you clicked on the FreeWare button > Super C > Download > where all it did was jump you to the very bottom of the same page to the Start Downloading Super C link > click on it.

After all that, it takes you to the 2nd page. So scroll a little ways down when you get there:

how to download Super C part 3

See what I mean? About the disclaimers? Yea. My guess is they’ve had conartists rip off their product, re-sell it with spyware and virus. Can’t blame them for taking precautions since every cracker out there loves to take advantage of Windows security exploits 😦

See where I wrote Download on there? Click on that download and use link and it takes you to the 3rd page.  Scroll down to the very bottom when you get there:

how to download Super C part 3

So what I circled in pink, the Download SUPER C setup file link, well click on it and save to your computer.

Installing Super C

Once the download is done, scan the file with whatever anti-virus program you have loaded on your computer. You will see none of it’s infected. Run your anti-malware software on it too just for good measure.

When you open the file to install, it looks like this, kinda:

Super C install screen

I actually didn’t disable anything and the installation worked fine.

And as you can see, I did this download in FireFox 😉

The Super C Console

What does Super C look like? Behold!

(I’ve circled the most important frequently used options)

what Super C looks like

Circled in pink is everything you always use.

Circled in blue is frequently used options.

So we have the following somewhat conveniently labeled in numbered steps:

  1. Select the output container
  2. Select the output video codec
  3. Select the output audio codec
  4. -VIDEO
  5. – AUDIO
  6. – OUTPUT
  7. Drop a valid multimedia file here (window)
  8. Encode (Active Files)
  9. Play (Active Files | Streams )
  10. Player Options

So to use, only steps 1, 7, and 8. And that’s it.


Wait, what?

Super C Menus And Options

Before proceeding further I need to tell you guys.

Once you’ve selected what format you wanna convert your video to (in step #1) then Super C automatically selects the rest of the options for you as a default.

Of course you can modify them but unless you know what you’re doing I don’t recommend so much tinkering.

Right then! Let’s go:

So to recap, a list of all the available output conversions we can apply to our videos.

Video File Formats Available:

3GP, 3GP / 3G2, ASF, AVI, AVI (for Pocket PC), DV, FLV / SWF (Flash), MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, OGG Multimedia Format, TS (Transp) / M2TS (BluRay), WMV, AAC, AC3, AMR, APE, FLAC, MMF, MP2, MP3, MPC, OGG, SHN, TAK, TTA, WV, WAV, WMA, Apple – iPod / iPhone (MP4), Microsoft – Zune (MP4), Microsoft – Zune (WMV), Nintendo DS (DPG), Sony PS3 (MP4), Sony PS3 (BluRay), Sony PSP (MP4), s1 AMV Player (AMV), SigmaTel Motion Vid (SMV), GIF (for making Avatars) Sequence Of Images.

I’m gonna toss on there a few images so you can see the options for the drop-down menus:

Super C menu

This menu above shows up when you right-click or, click on the M icon at the top right corner. Some of the options are dimmed out since I haven’t dropped any video files into the window for conversion.

Super C video dropdown menu

So this is the 2. Output Video Codec dropdown menu. It adjusts accordingly depending on whatever file format you select in the 1. Output Container, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Super C audio output codec

This is the 3. Output Audio Codec dropdown menu above.

Audio menu

When you scroll over each section, corresponding menus pop out. This one’s for the audio section. I pretty much ignore it.

Scaling videos with Super C

Video Scale Size is only if you wanna enlarge or shrink your current video. Most video editing software will enlarge and fix the resolution automatically so mostly this would be useful for resizing to fit onto your social platform of choice.

See the More box checked? When you check it, more options come up.

I promise you it only looks overwhelming, but to encode a video lasts about less than 5 minutes. Lemme show you how.

How To Use Super C

Let’s bring up that window again so you can see what I’m referring to:

Super C console

INstructions on using Super C

  • Drag ‘N’ drop your video into the pink circled box there, the one underneath where it says DROP A VALID MULTIMEDIA FILE HERE
  • Go to 1. Select the Output Container and select whatever format you wanna convert to
  • Leave all the other options alone. You’ll be tempted to fiddle with them but NO TOUCHY-TOUCHY. Stop it.
  • At the bottom of screen, click the Encode (Active Files) button. Sit back, have a beer.
  • It’ll save to your desktop so check it to see your newly encoded video file. Enjoy!

When I encoded, I converted from a .WMV format to a .MPG-4 format. And my window looked like this while it was in progress:

Super C progress window

And that’s pretty much it. File encoded.

Then I uploaded to my TwitVid account:

Uploading encoded video to TwitVid

TwitVid spends a few min. reading your file then uploading it. And did it work?


uploaded TwitVid confirmation

That’s (login with your Twitter acct. to view) and once it posts on TwitVid, it also posts to Twitter:

uploaded from TwitVid to Twitter

Done and done!

Some links to check out:

eRightSoft. Their official website.

VLC Player. For Mac & PC. It’s good for playing just about anything due to a huge library of codecs.

Real Player Converter. For Mac & PC. Makes Quicktime look like crap. I’ve had luck converting .MP3 files to .WAV with it. Don’t ask.

Product Wiki. Not a whole lot of info there but you may add to it yourself.

Gilluminate. The reader’s comments are illuminating. (did I really use that word? ew)