New Changes Coming

SuperMunk site undergoing new changes

Thanks for all the pageviews everybody!

Now that that’s out of the way…

To show my appreciation, I am going to add a few helpful changes to the site. As you can see, I called Lupe again (pictured above) to help with the organizing. As I have mentioned before, I went all of the 2009 Winter without a computer and now that I have a handmedown desktop, I’m playing a HUGE game of catchup. This site is one of many that I have, therefore it’s taking a bit to update everything for me. I am grateful for everyone’s patience at this time 😉

A bit of warning: During the changes ome stuff is going to get eschewed in the process, such as the Categories and maybe the Tags. If you need to find anything just use the search bar until Lupe and I finish up.

Can’t find something you need? Need to contact me fast? Just send me a tweet on Twitter, my ID is @SuperMunk telling me that you came to my site and you need help with anything in particular. And please, don’t be shy. I welcome everyone with open arms and Fast Follows.

Meanwhile, I am adding more tutorials and test-driving more applications for review. If you’ve got any tech you’d like for me to review, feel free to contact me via Twitter, or just leave a comment on this site and you will receive a swift response.


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