How To Make People Notice Your New Blogpost – TwitPWR

When I announce *NEW blogposts* via Twitter, I want people to take notice. I have to retweet my announcement over & over the same day I debut the new blogpost. That’s  just crap! A redundant waste of time 😦  But tweets move so fast in Twitterverse it’s hard to keep up. Even if I post links to my latest blogpost in Twitter, how am I supposed to know if people are noticing?

Several (PAID) services offer to announce for you. But today, I’m gonna touch on  TwitPwr. Best of all? It’s FREE.

Send New Blog Posts To Twitter Using TwitPWR

TwitPwr is one of the first URL shorteners ever made, long before standalone Twitter  apps like TweetDeck began including URL shortening devices. I began using it since the beginning and saw all the benefits.

Currently I use Destroy Twitter instead of TweetDeck, and it does come with several brands of URL shorteners. Unfortunately I don’t see any real time results with those, and that’s just not good enough. When brand-building is at stake, it is absolutely necessary to be able to access and view real-time results. I get that from TwitPWR almost immediately after clicking; THAT’s what I want to see!

This is what TwitPRW front page looks like:

  1. Just punch in your blogpost’s URL address in the box with the HTTP://
  2. I put my Twitter ID (supermunk) in that box there.
  3. I hit that Create Twitter Short URL button and that’s it.
  4. Now you see on the right-hand side how TwitPWR created the short link for my blogpost, AND *BONUS* automatically lists my blogpost under Recent URLs column! X-tra exposure!!!

    So now I take that short URL link it made for me, and I post it on Twitter like you see below:

    1st tweet = I used TwitPWR; 2nd tweet = I posted my blog link manually

    It’s that damn simple! (^-^)

    Again, below the TwitPWR front page:

    Below I circled in pink my Twitter name and my new blogpost that TwitPWR created for me:

    And see what I underlined in pink there?

    • Your TwitPWR Profile Link:
    • Your TwitPWR URL Info Page:

    Records Your Links

    Well when I click on those, it brings up the window below with all the previous web links I have used URL shorteners for. Yep, TwitPWR keeps a sort of record for them.

    It even tell you ‘where from’ you posted such links. For example, I always post from Destroy Twitter, that’s why you see it listed there. If you used Tweetie, Hootsuite, or Seesmic it’ll show up:

    Below you can see I circled the link I posted to Twitter using the ol’ TwitPWR:

    Evidence Of Results

    So to demonstrate results:

    • Posted on 28th of April/ almost 7:00 AM
    • My blog had only 4,790 hits by then:

    Same stats a few hours later:

    • Posted on 28th of April/ almost 10:30 PM
    • My blog had only 4,804 hits by now

    And this was without submitting this post anywhere else.

    I will continue onward reviewing other methods of making people notice your blogposts. Don’t shy out on me and feel free to  comment. Try this out and lemme know how it goes!


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