Where To Put Ads On A Blog

BEHOLD!  A visual representation of where to actually place ads on a blog. Finally!

I made it in response to all those bogus sites that give you some canned response along the lines of “Gee, you should really leverage your blog to hold ads…I generate tons of revenue cuz I know how to leverage, blah-blah-blah…”

And other such pearls of wisdom like the following…

“Just look at my site: I have thousands of visitors so I must be clever, AND, I know what I’m talking about. See that? That my friend, is a picture of a Mercedes XLR. With a skank. From advertising revenue, I’m gonna have one shipped to my house in an ecologically-sound container made from recycled pandabear reeeeeeeal soon! See you @ Blogmania Conference in 2010! With more skanks! Don’t tell my wife – don’t cockblock me – haters!”

—–Some Insecure Tool

“Because I have eight 17″ Macs and four 30″ monitors. I’m so damn rich on ad dollars it  makes me an authority on blog ads. I can now set my fancy high-tech network to wirelessly leverage teabagging me because I make so much money from ad revenue…I leverage…leverage, leverage…because I know what I’m talking about. From my heated solar-powered lawnchair right next to my bamboo home spa in my green LEED certified architecturally minimalist home in the Swiss Alps that I bought with ad dollars…btw, put lots of ads on your site – buy my ebook – what are you waiting for? Skank, bring me my Macbook Air. No, the OTHER ONE.”

——Turtleneck Nerdling In a Foreign Country


——-Slacker College Dropout with Startup Funds (don’t ask me how)

Fuck all that noise. (ok, it’s an inaccurate depiction- get off my ass)

I must’ve visited a few hundred sites (I’m not joking) and NONE OF THEM actually show you visual guides! And why the hell not, I ask? I ask thee?

SO! I took it upon myself to make a visual diagram of where the hell one actually places ads on a blog.

Because to newbies (that’s N00bs – get hip to the lingo people!) will get confused. Not all blog templates are built the same, so not all can accomodate all the different types of blog ads. There’s so many varieties, after all. Many sizes/ colors/ shapes -mygod, it’s like shopping for shoes at a back-to-school-sale! Shoot me now…

BUT NOT YET! Ok. Less talkie, more bringie!

Yes the diagram looks small. So does your **** Mr. Smartypants. But if you click on this link it’ll open bigger in a new tab or window, depending on type of browser you have. Can’t say the same for your little friend – slamdunk!

Where To Put Ads On A Blog Visually

A few things you should know about the image above:

  • It’s not drawn to scale. So when it says an ad measures 125×125 px., that’s not the exact size of a 125×125 square when you open it up on your computer
  • This is a blog design I came up with off the top of my head. It’s pretty lousy, I know
  • This  in no way represents any actual blog anywhere in cyberspace, just a general mishmash concept of every blog in blogosphere. And really, who’d come up with something this badly drawn except me?
  • It took many hours to make badly drawn diagram, hence the annoying watermark stamped all over it. Suck it up.

I assume you already read through that diagram. Good! Now I’m gonna bring in the black & white version so you can see exactly where each and every ad is located amongst that mess:


It’s all pink-highlited to test the limits of your color-blindness and, security in your masculinity! Kidding, I highlited all ad spaces for better visibility. Also, it’s numbered! In baby-boy blue! Thank you Wingdings 2! Wait, was it Wingdings or Webdings? Hmm, now I want buffalo wings. Darn.

And now, the  breakdown:

Blog Ads Sizes & Constraints

#1 – Stripe Ad – It runs horizontally,  stretching the width of your browser window. Ideally placed at the top where everyone can see it

#2/  #4 / #11/  – Horizontal Banner Ads (varying pixel sizes)- These ads generally appear in these areas where they are most visible and unobtrusive to the rest of the page layout

#7 – Button Banners (about 125×125 pixels)– These are mostly placed on either left or right columns. Once in a while, inside the Header. It’s considered bad form to add more than 6 tiles, unless you’re some well-established hotshot in the biz

#3 /#5 / #6/ #10/ #12– Square Banner Ads (300×250 px.) – These usually are placed in these slots. Most effective if placed within blogposts, which is exactly where the advertiser wants to see it

#8 / #9 – Skyscraper Ads – Always go inside columns due to their shape. They can stretch the width of the column, or if you wanna be sneaky, insert two different skyscraper ads of shorter widths inside one column

*Not Pictured* – Leaderboard (about 728×90 px.)This kind of ad usually overwhelms (engulfs?) the Header, stretching about the limit of your blog’s CSS container

*Not Pictured* – Footer Ad– It runs horizontally,  stretching the width of your browser window. Ideally placed along the bottom of your blog, to be an eye-catching mild nuisance. Hence the name ‘footer ad’. (see johnchow.com to get a look at one)

I couldn’t draw the ‘not pictured’ ones without overlapping what I already drew on there, but I’m so sure you have all seen these on many other sites since they’re very in-your-face.

Info Worth Noting On Web Ads

  • There’s no set sizes for ads. No rules for this sorta thing, just mere suggestions and typical sizes most everyone uses. But come up with your own thing; go nuts with it
  • Advertisers usually have the ads already prepared (including it’s size) but will ask you to accomodate some space for it
  • Rotating your ads is always visually preferable. That means whenever a viewer refreshes the page, or clicks on different posts on your blog, some of the ads will change into different ads, wheresover you had all your ads planted. This is good to avoid the drudgery of seeing the same shit over & over again. You need to install javascript code to make this happen. Such tools are sold online
  • Flashing ads are the tool of the devil. They blink over and over infernally. They hurt the eyes with bright, flashy colors and may cause seizures. I refuse to give examples for I do not want to even incinuate it’s use in any way. Many black-hat spammers use them liberally, and of course, they are jerks in that sense
  • Animated gif’s. (moving-image ads) Some are annoying, some are fun. Depending on the blog content, I say proceed with caution. Many industry bigwigs do not use them because it’s too tacky and visually annoying. It’s offensive to a more sophisticated audience to try to employ such juvenile tactics of grabbing a viewer’s attention
  • Audio Ads. Fuc**n* annoying ads that say things like “YOU WON’ , “CONGRATULATIONS”, “YOU’VE BEEN SELECTED” and my favorite, the long-ass ad that drones on> and on> and on> about winning a video game console like a Wii or some shit, with no end in sight! Because there’s no feature on the ad to shut off the audio. Black-heart bastards!
  • Use good judgement. Don’t place competitor’s ads next to one another. Of course, advertisers all come with specific requirements that vary and they will tell you so
  • Text ads – be aware of how  work. They are automated and line up similar words with similar subjects. So if someone writes a horrible post about some heartless criminal viciously microwaving a gerbil, a text ad could accidentally pop an ad next to that post announcing gerbil cages, gerbil pellets, name-brand microwaves, etc. This could unintentionally turn off your viewers – you get the picture
  • Last but not least, Google comes out with something called a ‘heat map’ which is similar to the visual diagram I made except they tell you which ads seem to generate more revenue over others and where they are placed. It’s kinda generic but it’s somewhat of a good read

Ok, go away now. And take your skank with you.


2 responses to “Where To Put Ads On A Blog

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  2. Outstanding post! I need to get some 125×125 ads whipped up for my Shareasale account – there I am lacking

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