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Subscribe To SuperMunk RSS Feed

32Wanna subscribe to SuperMunk?

I may already have realized my problems with Feedburner, especially since after all this time (about 4 months) I can finally log into it! Oh yay!

But that is neither here nor there.

Since I post about 4-5 times a month randomly, I reactivated my RSS feed for those of you brilliant inqisitive minds who want to get intellectually fisted with my SuperMunk wisdom but gosh darnit, don’t quite have the time to keep checking back to see if I posted recently.

Subscribe to SuperMunk!

It’s free, it won’t mutate your offspring, and at the end of the day you will have learned something valuable, or my money back. When you subscribe to SuperMunk RSS, you get an email notice showing you a small snippet of any of my recent blog posts plus a link to it.

I don’t misuse anyone’s personal email info. Because, I don’t have the energy to perform evil misdeeds on a global scale of Dr.Evil proportions. Also, that’s just a scummy spammy thing to do and I will have none of it! You heard me sir!

So! To subscribe, just look on the sidebar on the right where it says SUPERMUNK’S RSS and to it’s left you will see the tiny orange icon. Click on that and it’ll bring up my Feedburner RSS subscribe page. And you click on the subscribe button and that’s it, next stop is SuperMunk in your email! Woohoo!  And unsubscribing is easier than a drunk prom date so, what are you waiting for?