SuperMunk Tech Snafus

Apologies if you were typing this post’s headline as keywords and ended up here. But bookmark it and return later!

Tis late July and we’ve entered hurricane season. Earlier this week, barometric pressure dropped resulting in a super humid week. Humidity so bad that I’ve got 2 fans going on me. I’ve had to bathe my dog every single day. Gliding across the carpet feels like residue and I keep sticking to furniture; ugh! Why just this morning, I found a birthmark on my ass shaped like 3M. ( looks like a promising career in sealing gift packages lies ahead…)

Other such non-sense…the weather has been a tremendous mindfuck, curtailing our journeys outdoors. I had to postpone my trip to Ikea for a comp. desk because it almost rained earlier. Shows me; the rain fell this evening. Curses!

Worse off, the rain keeps fucking up my reception. Heavy heavy rainfall, with thunder & lightning.  Nervous dog jumps into my lap, will not leave; inhibits me from typing. All wifi and satellite signals keep breaking up.  As you  fine people already know, all my posts are comprised of images and without a strong signal, it’s a bitch to upload so!  I may or may not post this week. Except for this update of course 😉

I promise that the next post will have something to do with SEO. Been delaying it but I have a few useful tools you a-holes desperately need for your sites, courtesy of this a-hole! Meanwhile, watch this crazy-ass video, 1:10 min. long.


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