Back Up Tweets


*Updated 7/22/09*

Proof that the G-spot is not the only way to make a chick orgasm!

(oh my dainty ears!)

Second, I’m trying to get back into my 1 post per week niche but I’ve actually been drawing a lot. Drawing takes a loooong time, especially getting artwork camera-ready. Plus, been updating my other profiles; you get the drift.

SO! I’m gonna reward all you lovely-loyal-little-lemurs (monkeys are so played out!) with this post…

All you Twitter addicts, rejoice! For I will show you how to back up all your Twitter tweets! YES WE CAN!

BEHOLD! The magic of, TweeTake :

It’s called Tweetake and it backs up the last 1,000 tweets. Why only 1K? Because of Twitter API rules. Not just tweets though, but also Direct Messages, Friends, Favorites, you get the picture.

For example, here’s me punching in my username & password:


As you can see, I only clicked on Your Tweets for this exercise, since it only lets you pick one at a time. Select  Everything if you want them all sent to your computer then click on the Get ’em button.

So you should get a window pop-up like in the example below. It asks you to save the spreadsheet of information to your computer or to automatically open with whatever corresponding spreadsheet software you have already loaded on your computer:

See? So I chose to Save and then open the file with MS Excel. This is how it looks:

It tells me that since April, I’ve tweeted 1,001 tweets. Isn’t that lovely?


The columns tell me the following (the pic above cuts off):

  1. what Type (Followers/ Sent / Direct Messages),
  2. ID # (not really sure what that is, guessing everyone’s username has numerical algorithms attached)
  3. Did that last one make me sound smart? Eh.
  4. Name (it’s whatever name you filled in your preferences)
  5. Screenname
  6. Location
  7. Description (basically your bio)
  8. Profile image url
  9. Protected (are your updates protected? If so, they have that padlock thing on them. Set it under preferences)
  10. Status Dates (when a tweet was dispatched)
  11. Status Text (what your tweet says)

This Twitter app is pretty toot sweet! It does however, have some limits.


When I downloaded the backups for my Favorites, it only showed the last 20 I have stored. I have no idea how to get the previous 20 Favorites.

Same with the others except for the Sent tweets spreadsheet; there you will get your 1000 total.

Already dispatched a tweet to it’s founder, an @alfaguru listed under Tweetake’s Support, and will update this post later on if and when I get a reply. Don’t bother replying to @NikkiPlkington cuz apparently that address does not exist!

He posted a reply:

tweetake reply


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