Destroy Twitter Is Fun

Destroy Twitter: A Twitter Client

Customize Destroy Twitter By Building Your Own Theme – *UPDATED; June 23 2009*

How To Fix Change Notification Sound On DestroyTwitter – *UPDATED; September 4  2009*

Not like in WHEEE!!! fun, but fun enough for daily use. And it won’t give you butt cancer- I think?!  At least not in the state of New York.

Destroy Twitter is another Twitter application you can use outside your web browser. Think TweetDeck’s bad-ass cousin. The one where the whole family whispers about during cocktails and BBQ’s, but later asks him if he brought any joints with him. Oh, and with a few strange quirks.

Before installing, know that it uses Adobe Air so it could eat up a lot of RAM or make some computers slow down. Know your computer specs before proceeding to install.

Now if you already read my TweetDeck tutorial, then installing Destroy Twitter should be a snap. Remember you cannot install it without running Adobe Air first since they are symbiotic of each other.

Here’s what Destroy Twitter looks like:

Yessir, clean and simple!

Extend The Destroy Twitter Canvas

Now you can take that window and pull it down, or check the option under Preferences (Workspace>Wider Workspace) like so:

Add customized user Groups to Destroy Twitter just like TD!

Are we getting dizzy yet?

Post Pictures Directly Onto DT

What about picture posting?

Most people post a link to where ever the picture is online. But in Destroy Twitter, you can actually view it on the canvas itself!

One of my fellow tweeters posted a link to a pic and as you can see below, I’ve posted in 3 images what happens when you click on a pic link in DT: Click>buffering (43kb)>on screen

Of course, I decided to post one myself. The awesomeable thang about DT is that it gives you a wide set of options to choose from. For example, which service to use to post pics:

As you can plainly see above, one has the choice of using TweetPhoto, Twitgoo, TwitPic, blah blah blah…you get the idea.

I used TweetPhoto in this instance, both out of curiosity and by default. Here’s what I came up with:

You’ll notice my tweet is highlited. I’ve set the Preferences to automatically open any pics in a new window, or in the case of Firefox in a new tab.

So if you know how to use TweetDeck, you’ll know how to use DestroyTwitter.

Differences: Here we go!

  • Ok, instead of Favorite-ing tweets, you Save the tweets.
  • You can also adjust how many tweets show up on your ‘Canvas’ (basically the Home tab).
  • You can tell it where to position your Notification balloons which is very useful; I don’t like that they normally cover the time on bottom corner. I need to see the time cuz I get lost in cyberspace and may never come out on this side of reality again, but ok, I’m rambling
  • On it’s upper right hand corner (underneath the Saved tab) it’ll display a red Fail Whale in case there’s an error in refreshing. As far as I know this is the only Twitter app that does this (see below)
Fail whale notification on Destroy Twitter

Fail whale notification on Destroy Twitter

June 23, 2009 update:

Customize Destroy Twitter By Building Your Own Theme

Oh and, guess what? Destroy Twitter has a nifty feature called a Theme Builder! You log in with your Twitter name at their site, and you can start color customization of your DT app.! Watch:

Destroy Twitters Theme Builder

Destroy Twitter's Theme Builder

I came up with some themes of my own of course. Under my other pseudonym, Strongvillage:

Strongvillage designed DT Theme, Grownup Girlie

Strongvillage designed DT Theme, Grownup Girlie

And I’m not the only one who created some themes! Lots to choose from. Check out other people’s themes and download to your DT:

BTW, DT is the only Twitter app that I know that can offer the following two things.

1) The RESTORE feature! Which allows you to bring back up on screen that last tweet you were working on, so if you accidentally didn’t post it, no prob! Just click Restore and Submit! See below.

Restore feature on Destroy Twitter

Restore feature on Destroy Twitter

2) Seeing on screen your @ replies but also seeing which of your tweets it was in reply to. GENIOUS FEATURE! So for instance,

Thta little symbol that looks like this >>. If you click on it you can see what you said that they replied to. So let’s see the one that says “You ARE Important…to Me!” . I’m gonna go ahead and click on that tweet’s >>  arrows:

See an @ reply with its corresponding tweet

See an @ reply with it's corresponding tweet

So when you get a thousand Replies after a few days and have no clue what they’re replying to, surprise! Now you do! Thank you, Dialogue Box!

DT’s got a whole buncha shit you gotta try out. My only complaint is that since it’s in the Beta testing phase, that it has some minor bugs. For me, it’s that the notification sound won’t ring out loud. Minor worries for now…

September 4, 2009 update:

How To Fix Customize Notification Sound On DestroyTwitter

Regarding the sound notification issue…

Here is the Mac tutorial for how to fix the notification sound on DestroyTwitter.

Below is my PC tutorial for how to fix the notification sound on DestroyTwitter.

Behold my awesomeness!

  1. Before starting, make sure to go into DT >Preferences >Notifications >and the Disable Notifications feature should NOT be checked.
  2. Neither is Mute notification sound, right below it. Both should remain unchecked
  3. Look up. Right below Notifications, (we’re still under Preferences, btw) make sure to click on Home Replies Messages Groups Search. You only need to click down on the ones you want to hear notification sounds for.
  4. Go to C:\Program Files\DestroyTwitter\assets (for inexperienced users, bring up the Start menu>Run> then type that green address into the search bar; no spaces in between!)
  5. Ok, see the file called notification.mp3 there? Just swap that with some other .mp3 file
  6. Whatever .mp3 file you swap it with MUST BE RENAMED NOTIFICATION.MP3 or else this won’t work!!!
  7. Make sure to use SHORT SOUNDS and not songs. Think like a Ding! sound.
  8. Don’t use songs. Songs are too long. Imagine the entire 3:53 song (that’s 3 minutes and 53 seconds long) playing each and every time someone tweets! Annoying!
  9. You can go to any website offering free soundbytes, which is what I did. If you’re a lazy bones, just use any preloaded Windows sounds from your Sample Music folder located in your My Music folder

It’s important to note that you must not confuse the Destroy Twitter/assets program folder with the Destroy Today folder, which contains each of your DT profiles’ customizations. You know, things like Group lists and stuff.  So for instance, I have 3 Twitter profiles and that’s where each of the 3 profile folders for DT is saved to.

Anyhoo, I’m sticking with this one until there’s something better. Try it out and tell me what you think. It’s always nice to get someone else’s take on things.


6 responses to “Destroy Twitter Is Fun

  1. hello, a short question: how can I change the themes? I found nothing on the DT-site.
    Can you please mail me? If you have a solution?
    Thanx and best greets

    • Hi Wilfried, here is my answer…

      1 – Go to the Destroy Twitter website
      2 – Click on the Themes tab
      3 – Click on any theme you like
      4 – Select Download on the upper right side
      5 – A window will pop up asking you if you want to Open with (Destroy Twitter) or, Save File

      I usually hit Save File to save my themes to a seperate folder somewhere on my computer, then use DT to open it. I do this because in case I clear out my preferences, then at least I have a backup somewhere else.

      You can choose Open with and DT will automatically open up with that new theme. DT will also keep it listed under Theme in the Preferences tab. You can add as many themes as you want; I have 19 themes right now. Viel Glück!

  2. i love #destroytwitter. thank for sharing.

  3. Fantastic guide! I’m especially grateful for the how-to on changing the notification on PCs and the info on themes. I’ve been using twhirl, but I’m not happy with the way links in the notifications are not clickable. DestroyTwitter seems to not have that same problem. I hope I’ll enjoy using it.

    • I’ve been happy with it insofar and seems to use about 19k + shows Twitpic and TwitGoo images on it, instead of opening up in a separate browser tab. My only complaint is getting a reply when you contact them, which is still slower than I’d like. Their FAQ’s could use some polishing too.

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