What SuperMunk Looks Like

I said I was gonna do it! And so, behold!

This here is what a SuperMunk looks like, in all of her glory! Sleepy glory, cuz I took these shortly upon waking.

SuperMunk and Jesus in the picture want you!

And then some. Here you can’t  see it, but I have the belly jewelry.

Pink stars in me belly!

Coffee and tea makes up roughly1/3 of a SuperMunk’s daily dietary intake. It used to annoy my bosses all the multiple trips I’d make to the kitchen area for my liquid caffeinated sustenance, but without it, I am but a sad and lonely hamster without woodchips.

Gardening and landscaping has been my surprising forté this season. It grew out of necessity since papi threw out his back, but I’ve grown to love it. Who knew?  It also keeps me from getting all stabby around idiots.

I’ll continue to post more pics as topics follow, but I think these will remain the only full shots of me for a while. N-joy.


One response to “What SuperMunk Looks Like

  1. Hooooooooooooooooooot !!!

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