How I Analyze Spam

Spam is my latest discovery. Since my blogpost that won me first billing and a Google page 1 ranking, I’ve not only gone from 68 visitors to 470 in a month and a week! Wish I knew how to say AWESOME in 8 diff. languages! THANK YOU GUYS! Also, I’ve been getting a stream of spam steadily. Not a whole lot, just 3 or 4 spam comments at every log in.

See, haven’t logged into my blog due to my neighbor (whose wifi I’m riding on) disappearing, cuz he thinks he’s Criss Angel or some shit. So lately I’ve had only two choices to pick from; ‘slow’ neighbor and ‘stop & go’ neighbor. *SIGH* None of which will allow me to log into my damn blog account. Holy herpes sores, Batman!

But now I know I’m gaining ground in the popularity game. I finally logged in briefly today. Here’s a pic of what my new spam looks like:

Like the 3 Little Pigs, we have the 3 Little Spammers:

The first one I clicked on, and it boldly stated on a new page that the site had been taken down due to the author violating the TOS (Terms Of Service, if you don’t already know). So much for that one.

I huffed and I puffed, and I went to the 2nd, which took me to some lame site that looked like it had been poorly chosen from a free template layout from whatever blog service they’re using. Before I analyze, here’s what that POS (piece of shit) site looks like:

OK, a couple of things here!
1. Why is there a picture of a waterfall if the site is called Street-Art? What does one have to do with the other?
2. Where exactly is this so-called Street-art ? Apparently not anywhere on this site!
3. Who is Bombit? What does Bombit The Movie Blog mean? I click on Bombit and it takes me to MY blog post that they’re talking about!
4. And that’s 2 backlinks to my site! Backlinking to major sites always raises your own page ranking BTW
5. These dudes think they’re so0Ooo slick, the way they take a snippet of my blog post and paste it on there the same way a pre-shortened RSS Feed post delivers into a subscription email!
6. From what I can see, this site is not run by living people. Probably by evil robots. Robots you can’t even contact
7. What really kills me is that at the bottom, they put some kind of disclaimer that it sticks to Google guidelines:

8. How is this any different than a scraper site? They’re using copied material without any of the original author’s permission and not even owning up to it!
9. In the About section, there’s no mention of any real people owning this site. Words are carefully chosen to remain anonymous
10. There is NOWWHERE and NO WAY to contact anybody on this shitty-ass site!
11. Love this one: See the CD-ROM they’re advertising? This looks like an affiliate deal they’ve got going with that SEO Elite company.

So far, what I can deduce is that this site’s entire purpose was to get set up in order to endorse that SEO Elite product. Scenarios I’ve concluded:

A) Asshole owner of this site sets up NO REAL ORIGINAL CONTENT whatsoever on any part of this site
B) Asshole owner of this site ‘borrows’ other blogger’s content without permission, of course!
C) Asshole owner of this site liberally mentions Google’s name in order to appear legit and up to Google’s standards
D) Asshole owner doesn’t want Google to demote his page ranking as a result of these aforementioned Blackhat Tactics (will write about blackhat in another post)
E) Asshole owner may have set up the site in order to reap monetary rewards from affiliate deal
F) The SEO Elite people are behind all this, setting up dummy sites in order to peddle their product/ name brand

It doesn’t take a genious to see how little effort was put into this site. That’s because the authors don’t care; it was set up as a vacant cyberspace property in order to sell that crap CD-ROM. And really, those SEO Elite people are a sham if this is the seedy manner in which to sell the product.

Authentic SEO’s do not sell their products in this shabby form. They’re careful about whom they partner with; they do not partner up with just any fool who comes ‘a knocking. Certainly NOT with some anonymous blackhat-douchebag who won’t show his face and hides behind the Google brand name, pretending like he’s got an ‘in’ with Google!

Would you purchase SEO Elite now?

Of course I’m gonna rat them out to Google! What kind of Munk do you think I am?

*Update- Looks like I didn’t have to cuz someone beat me to the punch:

Anyhoo, on to number 3!

I know what you’re thinking. What does SuperMunk have to do with baby names? Answer: Nothing.

For some reason, I ended up on this site as a backlink. If you scroll down to somewhere in the middle of that page, you will see this:

And this, if you scroll down far enough:

spammy baby-name site

spammy baby-name site

So that’s five, 5 bulleted backlinks under the category of “Blogs related to Baby name meaning and origin for Lynnbeth”.

This site is also a sham. You only need look on the front page for proof.  Clearly the developer didn’t take any time to properly construct this page to adhere to web 2.0 standards. It’s an obviously poorly done cut & paste job.

Should I get off my podium now? Not yet my duckies!

My blog post was for a review I did on the BrightKite application. Which has nothing to do with baby names, much less the name Lynnbeth. If fact, my blog post did not contain those keywords at all.

Close up:

close-up of my blog post being backlinked without authorization

close-up of my blog post being backlinked without authorization

And what about the other backlinks? Good question!

I clicked on all of them. (^-^)

Here’s our first backlink “I thank you for tuning in.”:

shitty fucking advertiser - the kind that blinks on screen

Surprise! It reroutes me to some advertiser first before taking me to the actual backlink, and when I get there…:

some dudes wordpress site

some dude's wordpress site

“I thank you for tuning in.”

As you can see/read, there’s no mention of baby names or Lynnbeth.

On to our second backlink, “Does the sex offender registry offend justice?” :

some site about sex offender laws

some site about sex offender laws

Again, no mention of baby names or Lynnbeth.

Here’s our third backlink, “Unmatched Game play” :

Riiight. Still don’t see the correlation with 8-bit golf and baby names, but to each their own I say!

And our fourth and last backlink, “In an Economy – And a World – Gone Haywire – blah blah blah…”:

Doctors, lawyers, and Indian chefs – oh my!

So let’s take a look again at that picture so you don’t have to scroll all the way up:

No, none of these backlinks relate to the topic of this baby-names site at all.

So why do they do this? What do they have to gain?

Simple. At one time or another, each of these sites had a peak surge in traffic. I know I did!

And when that happens, spammy sites like to leech off that popularity. I mentioned before that backlinking to popular sites helps divert some of the popular site’s audience over to smaller site. More traffic = more audience = more $$$ in advertising. Yes Virginia, money is always involved! 😛

And by scraping unauthorized content from other sites, the audience of the popular site may inadvertedly get redirected to the smaller site if they try to Google search any particular topics on the popular site.

Of course this is all done without permission. The big fellas can’t afford to lose their audience or advertising money.

My popularity hasn’t gotten so big yet, but I’m already knowledgeable on such tricks. You should be wary that sometimes you’ll get in your spam folder a message that looks spammy but is actually some small fry complimenting you and they just happen to have a commercial website. In time you’ll be able to root out those guys and seperate them from the You Just Won type of spam and any Viagrah ads that may clog your folders.

FYI: WordPress has Akismet and it removes spam for you. Blogger doesn’t have any spamguard as of this writing.


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