Where In The World Is SuperMunk?

Home, apparently. For now.

Well, I’ve been fighting off the beginning of a cold. And then, seasonal allergies blindsided me.

Then, I had some effed up emotional episode that was so bad, (PMS?) I contemplated taking Mami’s generic Zzoloft. But I asked my friend how that goes and he described it as floating around reality like it’s not there. Hmm. Never mind. I stayed in my room and avoided human contact all the live long day.

Then, preparation for the tax man. Boy-o that was a crazy time. Papi is one of those last-min people and I just handed him my W-2 and there was some talk about where to sign. Instead of handing me my papers, he insists on reading it thoroughly but doesn’t know where to look. *sigh* Old people shenanigans strike again. I snatched the papers outta his hand, he yells, i yell; in short we have been stepping on eggshells for most of the week.

Then, I tried to upload my images to my Zazzle store. Still no luck. I went to Panera but couldn’t find the damn outlets (it’s under the booths, btw) and when I go back it’s raining. My computer bag isn’t up to snuff so I don’t risk it. Gonna hafta wait some more…grrr…!

THEN, in a moment of hysteria and madness, I make the bold move and start an online dating profile. Wow. I’ve really been away from the singles scene too long!

I’ve had men complain to me (it comes with nifty IM) that women are looking to get married in 6mo or less, that women are money grubbers, insensitive cows, delusional paranoid, etc. Hmm, but the men seem to list their occcupation within their headlines/ opening sentence SO, seems retarded to whine about gold diggers, eh?!

I’m no money grubber, thank goodness, but from a woman’s perspective it’s also difficult not to get approached by dirty old men and horn dogs, even if they list on their profiles that they just want to be friends. Yea, right.

You know, i’m a little embarassed to say that I acted like too much of
a horny horn-dog on my date yesterday. Yep, pretty sure I almost fondled the poor bastard. It must’ve done something positive, because now we’re having a second date tomorrow. Crappety crapcakes! I almost humped the
poor fellas leg!

But not really a shocker. First date since the
breakup. First date in 8 yrs. First blind date in about 9yrs.

Jebus, I have the libido of a horny 19yr old again! How did that happen?

I wonder what the
anti-thesis of Vviagrah is.

Papi just walked into my room to tell me it’s ok to vacuum my room now
that the dog’s been shonen. I told him I’ll never touch that thing
(after he tinkered with it and nearly electrocuted himself – I am not kidding). He said
‘Oh well, I guess your room will have to stay dirty then.’ I’ll show
him! I”m gonna purchase a hand vac tomorrow on my second date!

Ok, alright already, I’ll post something else later tonight. I’m doing all my updates now. Gimme a break.


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