Local Tweeps – Want to be found?

Yay! It’s time for another Twitter application review! Grab hold of your crotch tightly and let the fun begin!

Like a few hundred Twitter applications out there, Local Tweeps is one of them. And like the name tells you, if helps you find other folks in Twitterverse who are tweeting locally. I find the name a little misleading because altough it gives the impression you get to find all about local tweeters, which you do, they also get to find you.

You have a choice of finding others, or listing yourself into their network. If you do choose to list yourself, others can not only find you, but lead strangers right to your Twitter profile. So they can glance at all your tweets.

In hindsight, it seems like a useful networking tool for business pros to spread the word about their business, but then again, you can just list your business address on your website if you want to be found like this. Duh?

Personally, I’d never use this because I don’t need to find the only 3 people in the area who are bright enough to know what Twitter is, and whether or not they are involved in drug/gang related activities. Eww. Or even worse, many folks I went to HS with never left home. That’s right; they’re still here…right where we left them…and guess what? That 10yr.  HotPockets diet didn’t work out too well, did it…and why am I whispering…?!

But for those of you who live in seemingly fun and safe areas, then this may be a great tool to allow others to discover you locally.

So let’s get started!

localtweeps about

localtweeps about

Ok, that’s the About section. It’s truly a no-brainer. Hit the orange Tweet this! button when you get there if you wish to add Local Tweeps to your Friends list on your Twitter profile.

Next up:

local tweeps front page

local tweeps front page

Now those grey colored tabs are what you click on to find Recent Local Tweeps who have just been added to their directory, Top Cities where most registrants tweet from, and NY as in New York state, which only comes up because I punched in a local zip code. Interestingly enough, it will bring up all registered tweeters from cities all over the state.

So you enter your zip code and hit that orange Tweet to complete! button. DON’T re-tweet the message they give you so you don’t get included within their listings, FYI. Do re-tweet to be included in their directories so people can find you too.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I entered one of the many zip codes within 100 miles of where I live. And behold!

zip code I entered comes up as a tab

zip code I entered comes up as a tab

So I had my cursor right over D_Elms username when I took this picture. That’s why it’s highlighted in blue, even though the cursor isn’t displayed in the picture. So just take my word for it; dayum! And so, when I click on the D_Elms username, it takes me to their Twitter profile:



And there you go.

What I circled above is the message you re-tweet in order to complete your registration on Local Tweeps.com so you can get listed too. But remember, all your tweets will be visible to all the locals, so if you don’t want grandma who lives across town to find out you smoked a toke last night, don’t use this service. And if you don’t care about humiliation, or live in a city where no one knows you, or your Twitter profile is completely business based, go right ahead. You’re welcome.


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