Changing My Finances

So last week, I downloaded my credit report for the first time ever!  (insert a golf-clap)

I’ve been living in a perpetual state of poverty since 17yo, so I knew seeing this would not be any good.

FYI, this is the kinda thing you have to mentally prepare yourself for. And believe me, it took it’s sweet time.

BUT, better late than never I say!

And on this report, I found some bogus sheeat on there by one of the biggest crooks in collections ever (many BBB complaints against them!) and filed a dispute. We’ll see how that goes.

Also, was astonished to see my debt on paper for the first time in many years.

I mean, I knew about it in generic numbers, but.

To see actual figures down on paper with so many commas? Yikes!

*sigh* Ever get that stomach-sinking feeling?

Bankruptcy is something I’ve been researching, debating, and agonizing over for the last 3 yrs. Been hoping, praying, and searching for work so I can finally get caught up. Unfortunately my unusual circumstances never allowed for that to happen. *frowny face*

Right now looking for ‘decent’ bankruptcy lawyers in the area. But in this section of the U.S. there are so many white collar crooks densely packed per capita, that I’d say it must rival all of Florida’s crooks. Just about.

Well, here’s to hoping. And here’s to new beginnings. Because without failure there is no well-earned victory.


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