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SuperMunk Announcements

Behold! A list of events as have happened to me as of late:

  1. Doing a terrific job of avoiding the Porkapocalypse of 2009!
  2. Went on another date. And it was pleasant. Dinner, check. Beer, check. Arcade games, check. Adding up to a total of = Awesomeness!
  3. Guilt tripped Papi into spending time with his family. Cornered them both into going with me to some matsuri out east held at a local college, taught them a little about Japanese culture, then afterwards accidentaly discovered en route  a Trader Joe’s opened up a half hour away. I am BEYOND psyched about it! Bought dumplings and organic tea there, hooray! Great sunny Saturday afternoon.
  4. Have been furiously gardening/ landscaping. My fingers are all cut up from weeding and moving bricks and cinderblocks. You’d think I was working in construction or something. My thighs are sore from pulling up brickwork for hours.
  5. I had jury duty this week. I’ll post about it later.
  6. Internet signal dissappeared for several annoying days, then returned stronger than ever. Such mindfucks, I tell ya.
  7. Finally getting my damn breast cyst sonogram this week (mammograms don’t work on me for some reason)
  8. Finally uploaded some designs to my Zazzle store, but for whatever reason it’s not showing up. Still working out the bugs.

And like I’ve mentioned before, got an assload of tutorials coming up. I’ve written most already, it’s just a matter of uploading and inserting the images that takes some time.

Among the many tutorials, I will also be posting about every Twitter application I can find out there. Hey, if I hear about it, I will tell you about it. With pretty pictures! Hooray!

Also, one month is almost up, so I will write a follow-up to my post that got me that #1 Google page ranking. Believe me, I am just as excited to yield results and report them to you guys. So stay tuned.

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Where In The World Is SuperMunk?

Home, apparently. For now.

Well, I’ve been fighting off the beginning of a cold. And then, seasonal allergies blindsided me.

Then, I had some effed up emotional episode that was so bad, (PMS?) I contemplated taking Mami’s generic Zzoloft. But I asked my friend how that goes and he described it as floating around reality like it’s not there. Hmm. Never mind. I stayed in my room and avoided human contact all the live long day.

Then, preparation for the tax man. Boy-o that was a crazy time. Papi is one of those last-min people and I just handed him my W-2 and there was some talk about where to sign. Instead of handing me my papers, he insists on reading it thoroughly but doesn’t know where to look. *sigh* Old people shenanigans strike again. I snatched the papers outta his hand, he yells, i yell; in short we have been stepping on eggshells for most of the week.

Then, I tried to upload my images to my Zazzle store. Still no luck. I went to Panera but couldn’t find the damn outlets (it’s under the booths, btw) and when I go back it’s raining. My computer bag isn’t up to snuff so I don’t risk it. Gonna hafta wait some more…grrr…!

THEN, in a moment of hysteria and madness, I make the bold move and start an online dating profile. Wow. I’ve really been away from the singles scene too long!

I’ve had men complain to me (it comes with nifty IM) that women are looking to get married in 6mo or less, that women are money grubbers, insensitive cows, delusional paranoid, etc. Hmm, but the men seem to list their occcupation within their headlines/ opening sentence SO, seems retarded to whine about gold diggers, eh?!

I’m no money grubber, thank goodness, but from a woman’s perspective it’s also difficult not to get approached by dirty old men and horn dogs, even if they list on their profiles that they just want to be friends. Yea, right.

You know, i’m a little embarassed to say that I acted like too much of
a horny horn-dog on my date yesterday. Yep, pretty sure I almost fondled the poor bastard. It must’ve done something positive, because now we’re having a second date tomorrow. Crappety crapcakes! I almost humped the
poor fellas leg!

But not really a shocker. First date since the
breakup. First date in 8 yrs. First blind date in about 9yrs.

Jebus, I have the libido of a horny 19yr old again! How did that happen?

I wonder what the
anti-thesis of Vviagrah is.

Papi just walked into my room to tell me it’s ok to vacuum my room now
that the dog’s been shonen. I told him I’ll never touch that thing
(after he tinkered with it and nearly electrocuted himself – I am not kidding). He said
‘Oh well, I guess your room will have to stay dirty then.’ I’ll show
him! I”m gonna purchase a hand vac tomorrow on my second date!

Ok, alright already, I’ll post something else later tonight. I’m doing all my updates now. Gimme a break.

My Business Is Stuck

I am tshirt frustrated

So I’m in a frustrating catch-22 scenario. Bear with me, I don’t normally discuss problems in this much detail on blog posts but, it is central to what is relevant in my life at this point in time. Blah blah.

As it gets warmer outdoors, it translates into neighborhood interference and reduced internet connectivity. With a weak-ass connection, I’m lucky if I can load one full page in under a minute. What I can’t seem to do is upload images lately. C’mon neighbor’s wi-fi! Get with the program!

Or, I have to do my uploads between 9pm-5am. That sucks balls. Noise throughout the day wakes me up from much needed vampire sleep. Mami watches those courtroom dramas (yes, they have ’em in Spanish too) at high volume. And those people like to wail in the courtroom. The judge is the loudest; she could give Judge Judy a run for her money!

And then the phone rings constantly. I’m not allowed to lower the volume. Because old people are old, that’s why! And, the dog scratches at my door when I sleep during the day. *sigh* Surprisingly I haven’t been admitted to the loony bin yet. Give it a few more months, we’ll see.

Then, there’s the fucking collecshunn agencies, all for moi! Sure they call between 9am-9pm. BUT, they call about 3 times a day. We’re into screening calls now. And no, I’m not gonna pick up the phone especially if it says Private Caller and no digits! Damn, these people think I’m stupid? But yea, that MOTHERFUCKING LOUD RING is what caused a lot of anxiety for me the last few weeks. I mean, it’s turned all the goddam way up!

Daggers are in my eyes.

Was fantasizing about throwing that damn phone out the window and came close, but stopped upon the realization that the other phone is so low-tech there’s no caller ID or even a digital readout on it.

Another nuisance, Mami listens to a morning radio show that she cranks all the way up to 11 on an old kitchen radio, the kind that picks up all the static in the worldwide universe. My bedroom just happens to be located midway point in the center of the house. Pretty sure these gypsum walls are only 1-ply thick! &*%#! Thanks old people, for not remodeling!

Noise, is not good for ADHD. Distractions, distractions…so I tune it out now. I tune all noise out. Even old people ramblings. I am, essentially, the dalai lama of zen tuning out. Oh what? You’re here in the room? Wait, you’ve been here the whole time? You don’t say!

I tune it all out

Productivity continues to wane as a result. No surprise there.

Of course I want to make $$$. Of course I want to graduate from the university of $1.77! But I can’t even upload image files to my Zazzle store! Frustrating.

Lemme tell you it is a bitch, all these roadbumps. It makes me want to abandon everything and fucking quit. It’s hard to keep focused with ADHD and you have NO IDEA the mental discipline I enforce in order to keep going.*

These nuisances are all especially difficult to go though alone. Days go by where I feel like ripping out my chocha hairs out of frustration!

I don’t really know anybody going thru these similar circumstances. I mean I’m probably the only one in my social circle even talking about it. I am, very vocal, about my financial distresses. Everybody else seems to keep mum. I don’t understand why. It’s nothing shameful; the whole country’s going through a financial cri$i$. Just the other day my two cousins got laid off. Another is contemplating divorce to save her credit rating. Shit sucks for everyone right now.

And you know what? I got sick of hearing snide remarks about why I don’t get a job. For 3 years, I’ve been looking for work! 3 years! Hell, I even lowered my standards and dropped the bachelor’s diploma from my resume, rewrote it several hundred times, AND,  aimed for factory work, cashier, and retail store clerk jobs, all jobs I normally suck at. (I originate from office work) And you know what? Still got nothing!

So if  employment were at all possible for me right now, you honestly think I would’ve let my bills go into default status after so many years of paying them steadily? Absolutely not! I always paid my bills on time or as close to it when I was working. I’m a naturally frugal person, always have been. I shop at cheapo stores in the ghetto, always have. And I have never even took out credit cards in my entire life. Never. Nope! Not even for emergencies.

So it sickens me that my acquaintances greeted me with such abrupt, not-too-well-thought-out answers. Think before you speak wanker! Honestly, job loss can happen to anybody for whatever reason, with little to no reason, so you can’t talk. And some (not all) had the nerve to talk down to me when they had their glossy jobs, cocktails, and bachelors-in-the-city status. Guess what? The laid-off welcome wagon sent them all fruit baskets too. Karma people, karma. Karma’s a bitch, huh?

But here’s what I realized later, after being so wrapped up in my cloud of anger and despair…

I’ve always been the first to go through everything, in my social circle.

First to drive, first to drink, first to try drugs (don’t recommend it, btw), first to form a band, first to leave home, first to go to college, first to fuck, etc.

So it only makes sense that I also be the first to hit rock bottom.

Wow, what a revelation. Actually, I hit rock bottom several times before, just never this deep.

peel away soul

peel away soul

Depression, depression, D-pression! And days went by where I’ve felt so disconnected from my body -ugh!

There was one frightening day where I actually felt my soul peeling away from my body! GROSS! And it is, the freakiest, fucking feeling in the entire universe. Yeesh! My god, there’s acid flashbacks, then there is this! I completely freaked out first time it happened. No, I don’t drop acid, that’s just a reference. Anyway, I ran to Mami’s side and just didn’t trust myself to be alone at that point. She always calms me down. Thanks Mami, and sorry your only daughter’s a spooky pain in the ass! She offered me her generic zoloft (not that I’d take it but appreciate the concern) but by then the feeling subsided.

Those days were my lowest points. I’m pretty sure the depression didn’t help, but i also suspect I may have Grave’s Disease, and it doesn’t help to live in a country that has no universal health care system. But whatever, I began taking specific vitamins and supplements and no more freaky feelings persisted:

  • Zinc – for faster healing cuts/ bruises
  • Vitamin A – for dry eye problems
  • Probiotics – So I can actually digest any food matter whatsoever
  • Flax seed oil capsules – to keep my brain alert, curb my ADHD symptoms, and significantly drop my cholesterol
  • Shark cartilage/ white pine bark – to shrink my cyst

Did you know vitamins are absorbed in body fat? Random thoughts…

And now…back to the drawing board!

Been drawing more fluidly and feeling more energetic now. Supposedly if your body’s lacking in B-12 you get impending feelings of doom. Since I began taking B-12 my night terrors also vanished. Now that damn phone doesn’t bother me so much. Focus returning too.

I’ve decided if these connectivity issues persist, I may just continue at Panera with their free wi-fi. Must take all proactive steps. Can’t stop; on a roll right now!

I’m also asking around for details on bankruptcy and educating myself before I take the plunge. I’ll talk about if further in detail when I get all that info together. Meantime, look forward to my countless posts about Twitter apps. And if anybody wishes to regale me with their financial crises, I’m all ears guys so talk to me!

Don’t be afraid to follow me on Twitter!  I’ll even follow you back, just drop a message that U came from reading this post!

Ok peeps. Enough rambling. L8TR 4 now!

*FYI, I don’t take Ritalin or any of that shit. I can’t afford it and even if I could, I’m not into man-made chemicals unless my limbs fall off or some other dire shit happens. That chemical crap stays in your brain years after you discontinue use, and I’m not about that. Say no to cooking your brain!