Last Week Was Maybe Too Productive?


I’m all blinky from staring for hours at this screen. As I have been doing every single day since my Google Page 1 Rank Results.

*blink* *blink*

I haven’t even eaten dinner yet, and it’s 10:28pm Eastern time.

Let’s see, this last blog post about the 301 Redirect got me terrific results. That was last Saturday and since, I’ve been getting some decent traffic.

My neck and back hurts bad from being hunched over laptop endlessly. Maybe it’s time I searched the neighborhood to see if anyone’s tossing out a computer desk…

So what have I done in one week? The following:

  1. Got Page 1 Rank on Google (awesome!) and tracking results since
  2. Re-applied tags and applied new ones to this WordPress site
  3. Re-did my old logo and letterhead for my business
  4. Created a logo as a consultation for a friend’s business brand
  5. Consulted on friend’s website mockup as well
  6. Revamped my other friends’ site, link listed on right side column (still working on the gallery script for his image files)
  7. Resized many of his image files and reuploaded them (took HOURS and maybe years off my life)
  8. Opened a Paypal accunt
  9. Opened my own Zazzle store
  10. Planted tulip bulbs, removed dry leaves/ big stones, and replaced soil with fertilizer in flower beds on either side of house, removed house plants and planted them into flower beds (took 6 hrs total)
  11. Babysat the tenant’s grandkid for a little bit
  12. Obtained/ printed out credit report
  13. Researched credit unions

Yea, and I’m gonna go shower before I forget how that goes. I’ll post something new tomorrow regaling my past week’s adventures. Pinky swears! *blink*blink*


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