301 Redirect From Blogger To WordPress

YEP! Yep yep!


This, is my 2nd! And check out my new slick-ass header above.

The previous post was my first foray into WordPress. Monumental. And now I’m all  misty-eyed! *sniff*

I tried out several diff. templates and of course, ended up with this one called Cutline. Which is cool, cuz I just realized the author of this template is on my Twitter feed. He also makes other nifty, SEO-friendly templates @ pearsonified.com.

Today’s post will be a brief mention about the infamous 301 Redirect tool and, some script that I used on my blogspot site. It will save your butt in the event of moving your blog to another.

Now the thing about SEO you gots to realize is that it’s like having seniority. If search engines have been indexing your blog that’s been around for oh, I don’t know, 2-3 yrs. online, then you’ve been in the system quite a while. So the longer you’ve been around, the more you’ve already moved up in the ranks. And that’s without doing much.

Like I just did, for example. I’ve had my blog since Nov. 2008 but, I had applied an RSS feed to it. That means I now have subscribers and aggregated analytics results.

Do I want to lose all that cache of information? NO!

But, some people make co$tly errors…Like Toys R’ Us, according to this article.

The lesson learned is that if you’re acquiring a new domain you should transfer is, instead of moving it. The same can be said for changing domains/names.


Now I just made the move from Blogger to WordPress. Some folks simply migrate all posts from one to the other, then delete old blog posts altogether. What a mistake! I mean ok, if you blog for fun and don’t care about losing readership, then, screw it.

But if you’re doing this for business’ sake, dayum! Think ahead for one second.

All the notoriety and ranking you’ve spent years building up will be wiped out by one simple change.

I’ve  had to read up a lot on this subject, and it’s tricky.  Since I wasn’t able to find such key info, I’m going to tell you something…

What You Need To Know Before

Migrating From Blogger To WordPress

  1. Don’t wait to move after 500 + blog posts! Anyone who’s done this already can concur what a trememdous pain in the arse it is! And some things get lost in the move, so back everything up first!
  2. Blogger is FREE – So you can do mods all you want limitlessly
  3. WordPress.com is FREE – You can’t modify anything beyond the header, really
  4. WordPress.org isn’t free – Actually, you must pay for hosting before you can use it, but customize all you want. AND, they let you use plugins instead of crappy widgets
  5. It really makes no sense to go from FREE Blogger to FREE WordPress because all your widgets will not show up, nor can you add them. They won’t let you. So don’t do it until you can afford hosting services for it. Yea, I know, but I’m giving myself a month deadline before making the transition. MYOB already!
  6. WordPress has pretty damn good free templates if you search all over the web. The best of the best you can purchase from developers
  7. Why use WordPress.org? It’s completely customizable and uses the best plugins
  8. DO NOT DELETE YOUR OLD BLOG RIGHT AWAY. Even soon after the migration!
  9. Give the search engines enough time to realize you moved to a different domain
  10. You must set up a 301 Redirect attribute so the search engines will know about your move
  11. If you don’t 301 Redirect, not only will your readers will get lost in limbo, but also your current page rank and RSS/Atom Feed
  12. Search engines will read duplicate posts from your new migration and your old blog. Set up the attribute to prevent this
  13. Search engines will penalize you for duplicate posts. They can’t tell if you are the original author or some scraper sites so they split the page rank credit between both, knocking you down a few notches
  14. 301 attributes are all worded differently so choose wisely. You may hafta try it a few times to get it right
  15. 301 code sometimes works, sometimes not. Sometimes you won’t even get feedback for a malfunctioning one
  16. After you 301, make sure to notify your feeds right away
  17. You must put the NO FOLLOW attribute on your previous blog so search engines will know to no longer follow it as primary blog
  18. Page rank may suffer for a bit so give it time to catch up
  19. You should just get the Redirect Plug-in and save yourself all this hassle if you have WordPress.org. If you’re like me with FREE WordPress.com, then you can’t use it so read on!

There’s many tutorials out there, and a few are hopelessly outdated, or supply buggy code. As for me, I used this one from Laffers.net. Yea, that’s your cue to go check it out, smarty-pants! Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Ok, first up is this easy code that you place anywhere between your head tags:

<meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW"/>

And similarly, let’s get this out of the way. This here’s the message window that’s gonna pop up on the screen to tell you the blog moved:

<div style='position: absolute; top: 30px; left: 30px; border: solid 2px #333; color: #000; background-color: yellow; padding: 5px; width: 400px; z-index: 5; font-family: Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: large;'>
<p><strong>My blog has moved!</strong></p>
<p>You should be automatically redirected in 6 seconds. If not, visit<br/> <a href='http://yournewblog.wordpress.com/'> <strong>http://yournewblog.wordpress.com</strong></a> <br/> and update your bookmarks.</p>

Anything that is in blue can be modified to your liking, but I wouldn’t mess with anything else.  Remember to change the http://www.address.com  to your new blog’s home address! Ok, so now you gotta add the following string of code between your head tags:

<meta content='6;url=http://yournewblog.wordpress.com/' http-equiv='refresh'/>

This next one’s tricky though…add this below your main wrapper code :

<b:widget id='Redirector' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'>
<b:includable id='main'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<b:loop values='data:posts' var='post'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var new_page='yournewblog.wordpress.com/';
var permalink = '<data:post.url/>';
var timestamp = '<data:post.timestamp/>';
timestamp = timestamp.split('/');
timestamp = timestamp[2]+'/'+timestamp[0]+'/'+timestamp[1];
new_page = permalink.replace(/youroldblog\.blogspot\.com\/2007\/[0-9]{2}/,new_page+timestamp);
new_page = new_page.replace(/\.html$/,'');
document.location.href = new_page;

Because this serves as your redirects.

And after applying it, I got this error message:

The new widget id “redirector” ; is invalid for type: Blog

It basically tells you that that whole first line of code in the script below, is wrong. I’m not sure which part though; I ain’ts no developer!

Some other commenters encountered the same error. Unfortunately I could still find no resolution in any forum whatsoever. All the top page ranking blogs that covered this topic merely blow you off, don’t offer a fix to their bugs, and/or tell you to go get the damn plug-in!~

However, even as I erased all this snippet of code:

<b:widget id='Redirector' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'>
<b:includable id='main'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<b:loop values='data:posts' var='post'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var new_page='yournewblog.wordpress.com/';
var permalink = '<data:post.url/>';
var timestamp = '<data:post.timestamp/>';
timestamp = timestamp.split('/');
timestamp = timestamp[2]+'/'+timestamp[0]+'/'+timestamp[1];
new_page = permalink.replace(/youroldblog\.blogspot\.com\/2007\/[0-9]{2}/,new_page+timestamp);
new_page = new_page.replace(/\.html$/,'');
document.location.href = new_page;

And applied everything else, my blogspot address still resulted in the 301 Redirect.

You want proof? www.supermunk.blogspot.com ! Here’s SuperMunk’s 301 Redirect:

BUT, I didn’t add that string of code above , because I kept getting the error message, which I found was universal amongst other forums. Such as this blog comments from another site:

“The new widget id “Redirector” is invalid for type: Blog” and will not allow me to save the template.

Which was the same damn problem I kept having. Ugh! And I remembered before Blogger Beta, the old Blogger had such issues with <b:> tags.

So being the smart monkey that I am, I simply erased that part of the attributes within the code.

SO, if – <b:widget id='Redirector' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'>

THEN remove, – <widget id='Redirector' locked='true' title='Blog Posts'type='Blog'>

Remove the b: within all the attributes. And that’s it!

Please note: I’d like to mention at this time that after you remove it and Save Changes, you will be notified that Blogger has saved the changes. BUT, when you go back to check it, it dissappears and don’t ask me why.

Honestly, I can’t believe after all the sites I read that I was the only one to crack that code bug! Dayuuum I am proud of myself! Like a, a self-proud monkey!

Ok enough gloating…so after this I went into my FeedBurner acct. and updated it with my new URL. Only time will tell if it worked properly. Time will also show the progression of my newly diverted traffic flow. So now it’s my feed I’m anxious about and not so much my readers. They already know where I’m at! (^^)

Oh, and here is a list of those sites I went to visit to find all this info:

Uh-hunh…you’re welcome!

65 responses to “301 Redirect From Blogger To WordPress

  1. Thanx a lot. Been considering moving to WP for some time now. Will definitely give it a try.

  2. i just loved this post!

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  4. SWEET!!!! Thank you so much. This literally took me less than 10 minutes and I figured it would be frustrating as hell to get to work. Sorry you had to go through all the trouble, but at least I’m really thankful haha 🙂 Thanks again…keep up the nice posting!

    • No prob man! I write all these tutorials with the thought in mind that I’m not the only one with ????’s in my mind. Glad it worked for ya!

  5. Worked for me. Great post.

  6. Simply the great 301 redirect. A must have for all Blogger to WordPress migration. Simple and working.

    BTW, I was able to achieve it w/o uing the code below
    “This next one’s tricky though…add this below your main wrapper code :”

    Just check it out.

  7. I’m having some issues with “The new widget id “abc” is invalid for type: Blog”

    Removing the b: and the /b: gives an error. Typing anything as the id name gives the error, removing the id completely gives an error…

    What the hell do I do?

    • Kurt,

      It seems that very customized templates have compatability issues with Blogger even when just installing them in the first place. I’m not sure why Blogger has trouble just accepting a wide variety of templates; I can only hope Google fixes this issue in the future in the way of highlighting the code lines causing the problems instead of generic BX: Error messages.

  8. Changing the ID to “Blog1” – must be a capital letter at the start – seems to make it work. That’s how it is in one of the official templates.

    They must have changed something, because the template I was trying to get working was already in use by blogger without Blog1 ID. Anyway… this works now.

  9. Hey supermunk, great guide. I do have one suggestion in case you really want to make sure to preserve your rankings when changing to a custom domain / wordpress installation.

    If you want to use a true 301 there is a way, it takes more patience, but it’s a sure thing when it comes to keeping your Google placements.

    Here’s a link to the guide to *removed* that I put together this week, it could be a nice compliment to this post. Hopefully you and your users find it useful!


  10. How can you check to see if the 301 is working properly, I added the code just under or should it be placed somewhere else?

  11. oops, I meant under the b:skin

  12. I think I found the correct area, after the head and the div outer wrapper?


    • Hi Shawn,

      Forgive the late response, as I’ve been without a comp. for months. It seems to have worked for you. I can see your site perfectly.

      Everyone: when I say place the code anywhere between your Head tags, I mean it. That means you squish it in anytime after this tag, , and anywhere before you see this tag, . There’s just so much damn code in between you just accommodate it best as you can without throwing off all the other code in between. You know, like you add in one thing and it shakes off another.

      Whenever you + add/ – subtract from your source code, it may or may no longer make your template work properly.

      Like playing Jenga; add one block, another comes tumbling down. Now this quirk usually happens when you got a lotta shit going on with your CSS template. So the less fancy features (I’m talking flash script/ animated gifs/ slide shows/ galleries/ skip to ‘s/ etc.) you have for your site’s template, the easier this will be.

      Just copy and paste your website’s source code into Notepad or any text editor and save to your computer before starting your 301 Redirect.

  13. helloo. but this way is not friendly with search engine

    • Hi Hapia,
      Not sure what you mean. There are actually many things that can debunk SEO and your site’s ranking. I will be covering that in my SEO blog post soon. Meanwhile, just reply to this message if you’re having any specific trouble regarding the 301 migration. Cheers.

  14. thats cool man , it was awesome. looking for it for quite some time .

  15. This was insanely helpful. Lots of props go your way sir.

  16. I moved to WordPress from blogger , pressed the Importer button…but all posts didnt get migrated to WordPress! 😦

    Where am I going wrong ?

  17. oops…I went and again imported and the remaining ones are getting imported now.

    I had Outbrain widget in my blogger…the same wont get updated in WP when importing ?

    • Hi Abtheanimator,
      From what I understand, you will always have some issues with migrating too many posts. Too many is like 150+ posts, fyi…I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you set Blogger to email you a copy of each post before you begin the migration. You may have to cut & paste the few remaining with any text editor program (sorry!) but it’s better than losing your entire cache.

      Also, certain widgets are not compatible in WordPress that come from the Blogger world. I’m guessing it’s an issue in the coding. You can search for it’s WordPress counterpart or something similar right in WordPress. Sometimes widget authors make a widget compatible for both, such as Roy Tanck and his ‘rolling tag cloud’ widget.

  18. Thanks for your reply Supermunk, tho it came a tad late and by the time things worked out for me.

    I have some queries about Edit CSS upgrade and WP.org. What are these and do I need use them ?

    Thanks for the Roy Tanck site, his widgets looks cool !

    • That’s a fast reply-sweet!

      To answer your question, WordPress only let’s you import and customize CSS templates if you use the paid version, which is wordpress.org. WordPress.com is the free version, only let’s you use whatever free templates they give you and just barely let’s you modify anything.

      Do you need them? Only if you think you do. Your site looks nice and tidy and sometimes that’s all you need. You can alter it and add stuff, but I wouldn’t try to do it myself unless you have hours-hours- and hours of free time to figure it all out.

      But if you can trick out your template with your eyes closed, then go for it. It’s not difficult to do but it takes a ridiculous amount of time if you’re not a programmer.

      You’re gonna say to yourself, “But all I wanted to do was add is this one thing- how did I end up spending 5 hrs on it?” I’m telling you from experience: I work with CAD software amongst many things and just to hash out a solid 3-D model is more or less equivalent to altering/adding new scripts onto a website or blog template.

      Or, just hire a professional web designer. I’m sure you’ll want a video clip gallery of your animations in there, and putting in such things like multi-media scripts is NOT an easy thing to do for a novice! (or even some mediocre-skilled hack like me☺)

      This is not an attempt to discourage such an important learning ritual, but always keep in mind what seems ideally easy never really is! So suck it up. Pay a professional to do it if your site’s for business purposes. If you are not well-versed in the programming arts, you will find out the hard way that the amt. of time you put into this ‘learning experience’ will take you away from money-making obligations. I’d take the easy route too if I had some $$$ in the bank!

  19. Hey supermunk…I know what you mean and agree completely. Just because its there doesn’t mean we actually need it.

    In the coming days, I am planning to install my blog on my own domain. So would I require to use WP.org for that ?

    As I understand many Widgets/Plugins can be used only with WP.org.

    Or is it not ?

    • Sorry for the late reply as I ran into more constantly crashing computer troubles >:-P

      Glad to hear you’re getting your own domain! That’s a step up to going legit in the SEO game.

      Now getting your own domain name, for example: http://www.Anirudh.com is something you pay an annual fee to retain.
      Now paying for your own webhosting, for example: http://www.Anirudh.com is now hosted on GoDaddy.com servers, is something else altogether.

      I will make a lengthy post about webhosting later…but to answer your question, Widgets are free and come with free WordPress.com.
      Kickass Plug-ins (widget’s alpha-male cousin) are only available with the paid WordPress.org. Some of them you have to go to the original author’s site to purchase or get. Don’t go crazy getting things you don’t need right away; really good Plug-Ins usually you gotta pay for, so evaluate for yourself if it’s an investment that pays for itself over and over again.

  20. Hey, thank you so much!!!! It worked! I’m really thrilled. You’re a techie angel.

  21. Is there a way to modify the code so it points to the actual page the user was viewing just prior to being redirected> We have users w/ many deep links to the site, so I was hoping to convert:


    Basically strip the timestamp and .html

    • A WordPress to WordPress migration should go smoothly since it’s using the same platform. But even if you’re coming off of Blogger/ LiveJournal/ or some other platform, WordPress allows a smoother transition than if you were leaving WP to go to another blogging platform.

      If you’re talking about getting your readers to leave your homepage URL to be redirected to the new site, then by all means DO change the following line of code in the Redirector code (the one you put below your main wrapper code):

      new_page = permalink.replace(/youroldblog\.blogspot\.com\


      new_page = permalink.replace(/http://gwtransfer.wordpress.com/

      So this way, the Redirector window pops up on your old site’s landing page and not on it’s latest blogpost (or any particular dated blogpost).

      FYI: Get the migration plug-in. You have waaay too many posts and a multitude of images and I fear something’s gonna get lost in the mix so this is the easiest way to do it. If not, make sure you backed up not just your site’s template but all of it’s content before you begin migrating.

      I find this to be the best tutorial I found on that. (suggestion only)

  22. This was exactly what I needed! Thanks!

  23. I hate to be a party pooper, but you’re not getting a proper 301 redirect here.

    You are getting a redirection, but it’s not a 301, and is therefore SEO-unfriendly.

    Unfortunately, if your blogger or blogspot blog is at a URL like [myblog].blogger.com, it’s not possible at this time to set up a real 301 redirect that is correctly interpreted by search engine spiders.

    • Hi Kurt, thanks for reading! There has been widespread speculation and rumors about Google and 301 redirects due to the fact that Google owns Blogger. (conflict of interest?) In any case, my post showed up on this Google forum and unless they refute it or their standards have since changed, I’ll be happy to type up an amended version. Regards.

  24. Thanks so much for sharing this knowledge. Would be nice if we could just press a button, but this looks like the second best solution. Will try it soon…

  25. Okay, what if my blogger blog already had the custom domain name and I switched over to WP? I switched less than a week ago and my subscribers are definitely in limbo considering my feedburner feed is not updating in Google reader for current subscribers. What can I do? Does this 301 still work after the fact?

    • Hi Jessica, thanks for reading.

      Ok, to be the bearer of bad news, one week really isn’t enough for everything to get caught up. And that’s assuming you’ve registered your blog to be indexed by all the major search engines, news sites, places like Technorati for example, etc. And they all operate differently so that’s also cause for delay.

      Now Feedburner’s a whole other issue. In the tradition of tech startups that get acquired by Google, their help/ support disintegrates into a ‘help forum’ where [users help users]. There’s no support ticket. And that is by far, what pisses me off about Google. It’s something they desperately need to change 😦

      Before they were a Google property, Feedburner had pretty good ways to troubleshoot, and a FAQs section if i remember correctly. But now, you’re supposed to

      A) subscribe to Google Groups with your Google Username & Password,
      B) post your query
      C) in a few months, hope that some other user that has been there, done that, will take pity on you and answer
      D) SUPERHOPE that Google employees are watching and eventually answer you, say, after 15 or so replies from ordinary people

      And that’s one of the reasons Feedburner sucks ass. They set it up as complicated as an automated 800 number phone menu; super annoying! So I’m gonna help you now the best I can. The help link and I’m sorry but you’ll hafta scan through the queries yourself. Believe me, you have no idea how complicated it was just getting to this menu. (dammit Google, it shouldn’t be this way)

  26. thanks foo you were a real help

  27. To redirect from specific blogger posts to wordpress, you need to use javascript redirect. See following :

  28. I am also planning to move my blogger blog (SEO 2010) to WordPress. But this is my first experience that’s I am few scared of losing page rank after 301. I hope these all steps will work for me. I have read another similar article but not sure yet, is it work or not. I would put here some redirection code in blogger:

    var process_page=”http://www.yoursite.com/bloggerposts.php”;
    var newpage=process_page;
    var oldlink=””;


    What you think, will it work for redirection?

    • Hey Atul, sorry for not replying sooner. This is a very important process so you are right to be concerned. To be honest, I’m not sure if this code will work as I’ve never seen it before. The one I used was lengthier. If you do decide to go ahead with your code, please back up your template and posts pre-hand. (you don’t want to lose anything-trust me!) If you find it still doesn’t work, try the one I listed. Lemme know how it works for ya. PS: Love your site!

  29. Hmm, doesn’t seem to work for me…

  30. untanglingtheball

    Thank you so much!! It worked perfectly!!! I can’t believe it was that easy. Thank you, thank you!

  31. Россия


  32. Thanks so much, It worked for me.

  33. Ah, search engines will not treat JavaScript redirects like the way they treat 301 redirects. Search engines do not parst and execute JavaScript in the first place!

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