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Thwirl Is Awesome

I know you guys eagerly anticipate my Page 1 Ranking  post, but, I need to track & weigh out the results over a month period so it’ll have to wait.

For now, I want to talk about Twhirl.

Twhirl is another application that makes Twitter run outside of your web browser. Similar to Tweetdeck.

But unlike the current version of Tweetdeck, I found Twhirl doesn’t have the same issues with crashing, sucking up way too much memory, overusing API, and running two instances of the same program after you shut it down then having to delete it altogether from Task Manager.

Tweetdeck’s strength lies in it’s best feature: It opens up various columns at once and allows you to label each column with your choice of select followers. It allows you to add or subtract people from those columns and you can see all of them simultaneously.

This is useful for those with thousands of followers. For me, I’m like, eh. I have about 80 so far so I can deal.

Twhirl doesn’t allow you to add more columns or group followers but it let’s you do much everything else Tweetdeck does, without it’s known buggy issues. One thing it allows you that Tweetdeck doesn’t is customization of color themes, which is a-ok for someone like me. (I like color!)

Just like Tweetdeck, you do need Adobe AIR to run this nifty app. So click the link to download it. And for those of you who already have it installed, let’s move on, shall we?

Go to the Twhirl page and download.

And this window will pop up:

Twhirl download

Twhirl download

And you click the Install button of course. Then the window changes to look like this:

Save Twhirl file

Save Twhirl file

You can hit Open or Save. I always save it to any  trusted folder in my computer. Clicking Open takes you to the next menu (if you saved, find the file and open it to take you to next menu)

Then the window changes and looks like this:

Twhirl install on computer

Twhirl install on computer

And clicking on Continue will finally lead to the opening of the Twhirl application.

When you get this open on your screen:

Twhirl menu

Twhirl menu

So you see where on that menu above it says Twitter? That’s because Twhirl is made to work with more applications than just Twitter. But I want to use it for Twitter so I selected it, then I typed my Username to the right of it as you can see above…

Now, after you selected Twitter and typed your Username, it’s gonna look a little something like this:

Twhirl connect

Twhirl connect

And just hit connect!

And it will ask for your password:

Twhirl password

Twhirl password

So type it in and now you can begin!

Twhirl running on computer

So you see, it also has the same tiny window pop-ups whenever someone comments. Tweetdeck tells you who commented, Twhirl takes it a step further and shows who and what the comment was. As you can clearly see above.

And you can stretch Twhirl out as big and wide as you want. Here’s how it looks splashed on my laptop’s screen:

Twhirl stretched out on screen

Twhirl stretched out on screen

So there it is! You can go into it’s settings (click the little wrench icon on it’s top right corner) and adjust the color scheme and everything else. One thing I will warn you about: Don’t mess with the API setting. Leave it alone. It’s not entirely understood all it can do, but I’ve realized that if you turn it all the way up you get more tweets faster, but it also locks you out quickly. As I can see, there’s no Defaults option to revert to in an emergency, but the preset API limit is set to 70 req/hour.



Last Week Was Maybe Too Productive?


I’m all blinky from staring for hours at this screen. As I have been doing every single day since my Google Page 1 Rank Results.

*blink* *blink*

I haven’t even eaten dinner yet, and it’s 10:28pm Eastern time.

Let’s see, this last blog post about the 301 Redirect got me terrific results. That was last Saturday and since, I’ve been getting some decent traffic.

My neck and back hurts bad from being hunched over laptop endlessly. Maybe it’s time I searched the neighborhood to see if anyone’s tossing out a computer desk…

So what have I done in one week? The following:

  1. Got Page 1 Rank on Google (awesome!) and tracking results since
  2. Re-applied tags and applied new ones to this WordPress site
  3. Re-did my old logo and letterhead for my business
  4. Created a logo as a consultation for a friend’s business brand
  5. Consulted on friend’s website mockup as well
  6. Revamped my other friends’ site, link listed on right side column (still working on the gallery script for his image files)
  7. Resized many of his image files and reuploaded them (took HOURS and maybe years off my life)
  8. Opened a Paypal accunt
  9. Opened my own Zazzle store
  10. Planted tulip bulbs, removed dry leaves/ big stones, and replaced soil with fertilizer in flower beds on either side of house, removed house plants and planted them into flower beds (took 6 hrs total)
  11. Babysat the tenant’s grandkid for a little bit
  12. Obtained/ printed out credit report
  13. Researched credit unions

Yea, and I’m gonna go shower before I forget how that goes. I’ll post something new tomorrow regaling my past week’s adventures. Pinky swears! *blink*blink*

301 Redirect From Blogger To WordPress

YEP! Yep yep!


This, is my 2nd! And check out my new slick-ass header above.

The previous post was my first foray into WordPress. Monumental. And now I’m all  misty-eyed! *sniff*

I tried out several diff. templates and of course, ended up with this one called Cutline. Which is cool, cuz I just realized the author of this template is on my Twitter feed. He also makes other nifty, SEO-friendly templates @

Today’s post will be a brief mention about the infamous 301 Redirect tool and, some script that I used on my blogspot site. It will save your butt in the event of moving your blog to another.

Now the thing about SEO you gots to realize is that it’s like having seniority. If search engines have been indexing your blog that’s been around for oh, I don’t know, 2-3 yrs. online, then you’ve been in the system quite a while. So the longer you’ve been around, the more you’ve already moved up in the ranks. And that’s without doing much.

Like I just did, for example. I’ve had my blog since Nov. 2008 but, I had applied an RSS feed to it. That means I now have subscribers and aggregated analytics results.

Do I want to lose all that cache of information? NO!

But, some people make co$tly errors…Like Toys R’ Us, according to this article.

The lesson learned is that if you’re acquiring a new domain you should transfer is, instead of moving it. The same can be said for changing domains/names.


Now I just made the move from Blogger to WordPress. Some folks simply migrate all posts from one to the other, then delete old blog posts altogether. What a mistake! I mean ok, if you blog for fun and don’t care about losing readership, then, screw it.

But if you’re doing this for business’ sake, dayum! Think ahead for one second.

All the notoriety and ranking you’ve spent years building up will be wiped out by one simple change.

I’ve  had to read up a lot on this subject, and it’s tricky.  Since I wasn’t able to find such key info, I’m going to tell you something…

What You Need To Know Before

Migrating From Blogger To WordPress

  1. Don’t wait to move after 500 + blog posts! Anyone who’s done this already can concur what a trememdous pain in the arse it is! And some things get lost in the move, so back everything up first!
  2. Blogger is FREE – So you can do mods all you want limitlessly
  3. is FREE – You can’t modify anything beyond the header, really
  4. isn’t free – Actually, you must pay for hosting before you can use it, but customize all you want. AND, they let you use plugins instead of crappy widgets
  5. It really makes no sense to go from FREE Blogger to FREE WordPress because all your widgets will not show up, nor can you add them. They won’t let you. So don’t do it until you can afford hosting services for it. Yea, I know, but I’m giving myself a month deadline before making the transition. MYOB already!
  6. WordPress has pretty damn good free templates if you search all over the web. The best of the best you can purchase from developers
  7. Why use It’s completely customizable and uses the best plugins
  8. DO NOT DELETE YOUR OLD BLOG RIGHT AWAY. Even soon after the migration!
  9. Give the search engines enough time to realize you moved to a different domain
  10. You must set up a 301 Redirect attribute so the search engines will know about your move
  11. If you don’t 301 Redirect, not only will your readers will get lost in limbo, but also your current page rank and RSS/Atom Feed
  12. Search engines will read duplicate posts from your new migration and your old blog. Set up the attribute to prevent this
  13. Search engines will penalize you for duplicate posts. They can’t tell if you are the original author or some scraper sites so they split the page rank credit between both, knocking you down a few notches
  14. 301 attributes are all worded differently so choose wisely. You may hafta try it a few times to get it right
  15. 301 code sometimes works, sometimes not. Sometimes you won’t even get feedback for a malfunctioning one
  16. After you 301, make sure to notify your feeds right away
  17. You must put the NO FOLLOW attribute on your previous blog so search engines will know to no longer follow it as primary blog
  18. Page rank may suffer for a bit so give it time to catch up
  19. You should just get the Redirect Plug-in and save yourself all this hassle if you have If you’re like me with FREE, then you can’t use it so read on!

There’s many tutorials out there, and a few are hopelessly outdated, or supply buggy code. As for me, I used this one from Yea, that’s your cue to go check it out, smarty-pants! Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Ok, first up is this easy code that you place anywhere between your head tags:

<meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW"/>

And similarly, let’s get this out of the way. This here’s the message window that’s gonna pop up on the screen to tell you the blog moved:

<div style='position: absolute; top: 30px; left: 30px; border: solid 2px #333; color: #000; background-color: yellow; padding: 5px; width: 400px; z-index: 5; font-family: Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: large;'>
<p><strong>My blog has moved!</strong></p>
<p>You should be automatically redirected in 6 seconds. If not, visit<br/> <a href=''> <strong></strong></a> <br/> and update your bookmarks.</p>

Anything that is in blue can be modified to your liking, but I wouldn’t mess with anything else.  Remember to change the  to your new blog’s home address! Ok, so now you gotta add the following string of code between your head tags:

<meta content='6;url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>

This next one’s tricky though…add this below your main wrapper code :

<b:widget id='Redirector' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'>
<b:includable id='main'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<b:loop values='data:posts' var='post'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var new_page='';
var permalink = '<data:post.url/>';
var timestamp = '<data:post.timestamp/>';
timestamp = timestamp.split('/');
timestamp = timestamp[2]+'/'+timestamp[0]+'/'+timestamp[1];
new_page = permalink.replace(/youroldblog\.blogspot\.com\/2007\/[0-9]{2}/,new_page+timestamp);
new_page = new_page.replace(/\.html$/,'');
document.location.href = new_page;

Because this serves as your redirects.

And after applying it, I got this error message:

The new widget id “redirector” ; is invalid for type: Blog

It basically tells you that that whole first line of code in the script below, is wrong. I’m not sure which part though; I ain’ts no developer!

Some other commenters encountered the same error. Unfortunately I could still find no resolution in any forum whatsoever. All the top page ranking blogs that covered this topic merely blow you off, don’t offer a fix to their bugs, and/or tell you to go get the damn plug-in!~

However, even as I erased all this snippet of code:

<b:widget id='Redirector' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'>
<b:includable id='main'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<b:loop values='data:posts' var='post'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var new_page='';
var permalink = '<data:post.url/>';
var timestamp = '<data:post.timestamp/>';
timestamp = timestamp.split('/');
timestamp = timestamp[2]+'/'+timestamp[0]+'/'+timestamp[1];
new_page = permalink.replace(/youroldblog\.blogspot\.com\/2007\/[0-9]{2}/,new_page+timestamp);
new_page = new_page.replace(/\.html$/,'');
document.location.href = new_page;

And applied everything else, my blogspot address still resulted in the 301 Redirect.

You want proof? ! Here’s SuperMunk’s 301 Redirect:

BUT, I didn’t add that string of code above , because I kept getting the error message, which I found was universal amongst other forums. Such as this blog comments from another site:

“The new widget id “Redirector” is invalid for type: Blog” and will not allow me to save the template.

Which was the same damn problem I kept having. Ugh! And I remembered before Blogger Beta, the old Blogger had such issues with <b:> tags.

So being the smart monkey that I am, I simply erased that part of the attributes within the code.

SO, if – <b:widget id='Redirector' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'>

THEN remove, – <widget id='Redirector' locked='true' title='Blog Posts'type='Blog'>

Remove the b: within all the attributes. And that’s it!

Please note: I’d like to mention at this time that after you remove it and Save Changes, you will be notified that Blogger has saved the changes. BUT, when you go back to check it, it dissappears and don’t ask me why.

Honestly, I can’t believe after all the sites I read that I was the only one to crack that code bug! Dayuuum I am proud of myself! Like a, a self-proud monkey!

Ok enough gloating…so after this I went into my FeedBurner acct. and updated it with my new URL. Only time will tell if it worked properly. Time will also show the progression of my newly diverted traffic flow. So now it’s my feed I’m anxious about and not so much my readers. They already know where I’m at! (^^)

Oh, and here is a list of those sites I went to visit to find all this info:

Uh-hunh…you’re welcome!