Sometimes a sobering reality of my broke-ass situation kicks in now and again when I realize I need to purchase something, this time a spindle of blank DVD’s because image files take up space like you wouldn’t believe! Mami was scowling because I tried to explain tacitly what it was, in laments terms to a 60-something lowtech lady. I just handed her a short spindle of 25 CD-R’s I already had and told her, ‘Ok, like this, but it should say DVD-R and, 100Qty.’ It worked amazingly. See, I never realize anymore how I got no ca$h, no ca$h, no ca$h, no ca$h, no ca$h, no ca$h

Until I need something that is. But, however pathetic my situation, it’s not as bad as it could be. Or was. I was homeless for 2 or 3 times though I can barely recall specifics since it happened so long ago. But amazingly I did not reach out to mami during that time. Nor to credit cards, which people say are ‘good for emergencies’. Bullshit, I always got out of my situations with cash and luck. Except for these days when I’m rebuilding my life and traded in pride for a roof over my damn head. Yikes!

My friends are currently worse for the wear. Some also lost their jobs, have bigger payments to make than I do, and everything looks uncertain for everyone. They tell me from time to time how all these places in NYC have been taken down/ boarded up. It’s just awfully grim right now.

I remember (once upon) a time when I was renting a 2 bedroom, paying for it by myself. I paid all my bills on time, internet & phone, groceries, office attire, and had a little bit enough to go out at night with pals. Livin’ la vida muy loca. I was even a proud sugar mama. Yep life was good then. But even I had the foresight to understand good times don’t last. So I tried to find work 4mo. ahead of said layoff and of course, found nothing. Hello unemployment!

“You don’t control life, you maneuver around it.- SuperMunk”

Good to know, because I used to make myself sick with worrying over instances I had absolutely no control over. It’s wasted energy . Seriously- I should’ve just learned to adapt than spent countless resources trying to change the things I couldn’t. Boy this sounds like a bible passage…

Crazy, cuz that was the only time I could ever file despite being downsized many other times. In the State of New York, you can only file if you worked anywhere longer than 6mo. I suppose it’s to reduce the amt. of scam artists filing phony claims, (thanks for ruining it for me fellas) but it takes you as long to catch up to your bills within that time frame! So it’s also hideously unfair! Imagine getting downsized @ 2/ 3/ and 5mo. It’s a M-F B lemme tell ya.

Now I’ve had the rug pulled under me so many times since this decade began it’s ridiculous. But it does toughen you up. Makes you grow balls when you’d think impossible. And yet in these times people are talking about these economic doom & gloom times like it’s a new concept?!. Wake up folks!

This irresponsibility began, hmm, probably with the dot com boom as far as I can remember. Notice I said Boom and not Collapse. Back then I’d tell my college buds, “It’s gonna crash. You don’t have to be an ivy league student to see that.”

They’d laugh it off admonishing my grim soothsaying as nonsensical rhetoric. Ok, but you know what is painfully obvious? That too many folks putting too much ca$h into a brand new technology that is ever-changing and uncertain.

“Too many people purchasing into this and not enough people buying it.” – SuperMunk

And of course, the inevitable crash…

But despite the world having a good handle on tech, sort of, we fell victim to another crash.

This economic collapse was coming and I saw it a mile away, starting with customer service.


Customer service (the consumer’s last defense) had gone waaay down since the late 90’s because corporations figured they could cut corners in quality and devised automated phone numbers so you’d never actually reach anyone to help you- such is the reason that clever maverick Paul English devised the Get Human database to bypass these useless menus that rack up your phone bill minutes. I showed papi it’s awesomeness when we had to call up the satellite dish people and quickly got a rep on the phone. Papi even marveled at how fast I got to speak to someone on the phone, where it would take him 15 min. or so every time. Papi was dumbfounded that it now takes so damn long to reach a live person. Aren’t we all? Ths is the world as it now is.

Execs meanwhile continue to get the fancy perks and undeserved bonuses. And those CS reps are even less inclined to help you out when they’re underpaid and expected to put in mandatory OT without additional pay, (despite that it’s illegal) no benefits in most instances, no chance to move up the ladder, and sometimes fill impossible quotas even though they know you have a right to bitch because their company is intentionally putting out a shoddy product. And exec’s decide on this garbage while those same bastards ride on private jets funded by the company that should’ve paid backwages to their bottom feeders. And though this used to be somewhat of a discreet practice, now it’s been blown worldwide.

The largest investment banks failed. The commercial banks failed. The SEC failed. The president- well, you’re starting to get the picture.

This callous me-me-me attitude spiraled out of control. The $hit hit the fu**** fan.

Now we Americans live amidsts a society of wanton unaccountability. U want proof? Right here!
*thank you The Business Sheet

  1. How Much Money Did The Banking CEOs Make Today?
  2. How Much Bank Execs Paid Themselves With Your TARP Cash
  3. Cuomo: Top Merrill Execs Got $30 Million Apiece
  4. The Bag Lady Papers Cont’d by Alexandra Penney
  5. Bernie Madoff’s Victims: The Slideshow
  6. Ruth Madoff Withdrew $15.5 Million From Madoff Brokerage Before Bust
Lack of accountability in this country has permeated into these ugly beasts that have come out of the shadows of embezzlement where it has always remained, safely away from prying eyes.But they figure out that hey, no one’s looking. No one’s complaining. No one to tattle on you when you are at the very top, right?Such was the case for Dennis Kozlowski, former CEO of Tyco International. Dennis kinda sorta used the company treasury as his personal bank account and lied about the worth of the co.’s stock prices. I wish I had the article but one of his employees told a media outlet that she saw him come & go, taking out several thousand here & there. But while the employees found it strange, they never questioned him because hey, he’s Dennis, so he must know what he’s doing.

I think America likes it’s criminals to remain hidden in the shadows and not galavanting about in broad daylight rubbing it in our noses. But we must also be held accountable for living in a happy stupor of ignorance.

Americans are lazy and don’t want to be bothered with such petiness as ‘fighting for your rights’. In the minds of many, that shit died out way back in the 70’s. That stuff is for hyperactive civil rights activists, not for me who works as a sales manager at a mattress store. Nah, better let someone else take care of it, and hey, I better set Tivo right now or I’ll miss that episode of Heroes tonight.

Accountability is some larger institution’s problem, not mine. Let the government deal with it, right?

Basic American attitude is well we simply don’t care until it happens to us.

How many celebs actually donate $$$$ to charities pandering to incurable diseases until it happens to them/their loved ones? Zero. Go right ahead, find me one. Or how many celebs make donations out of pocket without expecting television facetime and a tax write-off? Right.

But you gotta know this non-chalant attitude extends into the life at home. Parents are sickeningly passive nowadays. Here’s all the tired excuses: ADD/ it’s the nannie’s job/ my parents were too harsh in raising me/ I tell them don’t do it, they don’t listen/ isn’t spanking abuse?/ it’s my ex’s fault.

So imbecile parent’s would rather their brats grow up with an overbearing sense of self-entitlement than teach them what real confidence is all about. Oh, they are just going to grow up so lovely!

These are the same dispicable people who treat workers in the service industry like crap. Those workers in turn lump-sum all customers as assholes. That salad you ordered? On a busy Friday nite? Oh and hey, you look kinda like that borish, loudmouth jerk on the other side of the restaurant. Think they’ll confuse you both? Better not have creamy dressing in that there salad; that’s all I’m saying…

Parents don’t want to be told how to raise their kids. Well laddeeda, maybe you do need to be told! You are an imbecile who lets a 5yr old tell you what to do. Good luck raising the future convicts, the self-indulging self aggrandazing juvenile delinquents of America the Used-To-Be-Beautiful. But hey, here’s to hoping they’ll turn out to be white-collar criminals instead of meth prostitutes!

Crappy behaviour is rewarded now, but only as long as it yields prosperous results. Just go to any celeb blogger site and read the posts and you’ll see what I mean.

And once these obscure no-names get a little fame/ca$h, they let it go to their heads.
Such disastrous irresponsibility is justly rewarded…. for instance! I feel zero empathy for these large-scale idiots: Famous Foreclosees

Oh yea, American societies’ many ills have hit an all-time high.

And the shit rolls down the hill as they say…that malaise that hangs in the air. Hell, you can walk into any chain store and get a sense of the atmosphere by the tension in the air and how the workers behave. I myself have been to many senseless job interviews where the atmosphere has been disgustingly tense enough that employees with heads down at their desks, afraid to look at one another. Office conduct so strict they cannot even pin photos of the kids on their cubicle walls. Eeery.

Oh our wonderful country quickly turning into a pile of garbage! Why even criminals get off scott free. Jail time? Not for money-bags, oh no. Ok, maybe a few days- but that’s it. How much time did Martha serve?

While I feel some modicum of pity for those that were completely wiped out, and those bottom feeders who lost their office cleaning jobs/ security guards/ secretary jobs/ etc. at places like Lehman Bros. and similar, (my heart goes out to you) I feel no empathy for retards who decided to pool their entire investments into one place or take more than half their income in stocks. Talk about gambling. How could you not know where your money is going?! And you still want to put ALL OF IT into once place? It’s just common sense to avoid such a risky move. I’m just an average jane with a $1.77 to my name, and even I know that!

But enough ranting!
And to see how this cumulative apathy has degenerated the general populus, I sum it up into one straightforward sentence: The United States Economy Is Majorly Fucked.

The ones that will get through it are the ones who can adapt quickly. Progress comes later.


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