Twitscoop Is Useful

Well it’s more than useful, it’s a magical tool that enables you to find random strangers in Twitterverse with similar interests by a mere keyword! Well, it’s actually more than that, but I’ll explain…

A few weeks ago, I tweeted about wine and in mere seconds I received followers who had wine interests. I was wondering how they did that but asked outright only to receive no reply.
Then again a few days later, I tweeted about Clearwire, and bingo! Someone with the word clearwire in their name befriended me.

How are these people finding me?!

So if you have a Twitter profile, you must now be aware of all the gazillion Twitter  applications out there in existence. There’s quite a few and I’ll cover them in another post for another time, but right now we’re gonna talk Twitscoop.

Twitscoop’s focus is to pull up all the hottest topics most often discussed on Twitter. But you can look up any subject by typing in the word in it’s search bar, and it will pull up stats on how often that subject is discussed and show you several tweets that contain that key word.

So I tried it out by typing in the word wine, and here’s what it brought up:

And it’s continuation below where you can see all the people whose tweets include the word wine:

And there you go. This is extremely helpful in befriending people looking for whatever business you are offering. Say, for example if I were a wine importer or owned a vineyard. Then it would be to my best interest to befriend these fine folks to drive them to my Twitter profile that contains my website address. See?

But don’t take my word for it, go to Twitscoop and see for yourself. Cin cin, e alla salute!


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