*Updated: 3.24.09
Well, to ‘keep it real’, I have not strayed too far from my original mission statement as my latest bank statement still reflects at $1.77. Woohoo! But, it came with Chase bank privacy statement which, when outlined, basically translates into you have no privacy. At least, that’s what I am understanding from it. Are we edging closer to an Orwellian state? You bet! And of the dismal articles I’ve read about Chase bank, I may end up just having to switch to another bank altogether. Love Wamu, but Chase? Eh.

Then confusing Verizon Wireless sent me a notice my bill was sent to collections last month. However, they just dispatched another monthly bill. Are these people for real?

Other nuisances…my neighbor of whom I piggy-backed won their wi-fi has officially switched to some wireless something or other. Which is a secure line so I can’t use it.
I have to use my other neighbor’s wi-fi and it’s a generally weaker connection. So I may or may not have difficulty posting this month. I’ll figure out what connection times are best (usually mornings until end of biz day) and determine when to post regularly so you guys aren’t left to surmise when the hell I’m updating ye olde SuperMunk.

So based on this new connection, I can at least use it to add new posts to my site, watch video streaming, update my applications, download some freeware, but, BUT!
I cannot effectively use Twitter.

Twitter! Twitter-who only uses 140 character balloons! There’s not much on a typical Twitter page, so exactly how resource-intensive can it be on my computer that it doesn’t allow me to log in or even post tweets?! Makes no sense! I’m already feeling the Twitter-jitters from being locked out all weekend!

But on the good ship lollipop, our car insurance agency called after a few voice-mail msgs. and they’re gonna help us determine the real value of our car that got destroyed 2 mo. ago. The other 2 reps that returned our calls didn’t offer to do this, so I was glad that this one agent was willing to go the extra mile for us- GODBLESSHIM! The only one who listens!

It’s weird; I even said to them ‘gee, there’s no point in renewing the insurance on that car soon since it’s marooned due to damages’.

You know, hint-hint…help me out here…And on the other side of the line- crickets.

You’d think they’d want to help you out in order to keep from losing out on that sweet insurance money…especially in New York State where they charge a $hitload!

But this last agent is the only one who used his head to offer us teriffic support INSTEAD of reading from a rehearsed script on their screen, or telling us the ever- interminable “I’m sorry but there’s nothing we can do. If that’s their estimate then that’s what they offer you/ we have the same software for determining the car’s value”. You know what I think of your software? Bullshit. NO, YOU send me a real person to check this out! That’s what quality service is, not all this jerking around!

You can find out how car insurance companies determine your car’s curent value, and where to go to find out your car’s real cash value on this article at Car

You see, the car-wrecker’s insurance co. gave us a sickly low-ball offer and, AND, are using pressure tactics to get us to accept their paltry offer! You shoulda heard that agent trying to corner my dad over the phone; just ‘cuz we speak Spanish doesn’t translate into being ignorant! Asshole. BTW, I found out the statute of limitations is 3yrs. so for them to keep bullying us over the phone and in written correspondence to ‘make a decision to accept/ not accept’ is shady and of course, not legally enforceable.

Know your car insurance rights!

Their crappy offer (quite under $1,000 BTW) is not even enough to cover all damages or replace the car (damages exceed total value). Even the Kelly Blue Book says it’s worth more. After speaking to 3 agents last week with no progress, I was ecstatic this one, awesome-agent-proficient-in-professional-courtesy-extremely-knowledgeable, offered to help aid us in our quest by sending over an agent this coming week to check the damage and assess the car’s real value. We can in turn submit the resulting documentation to the car-wrecker’s insurance co. to readjust their estimate. Awesome!

It’s always good to learn all this in preparation for having a car one day. I always joke to my friends that since I’ve never had a car, my first one will be a flying car. That runs on photons and garbage. Anyways! I’ll be sure to post updates on this whole insurance situation. Stay tuned…

*Update: Papi hid the photos so until I find them…! Our insurance agent sent an estimator over here free of charge! Aww! Very courteous of him. The estimator couldn’t get a very good assessment of the car’s damage because he had to drive it, but papi let the battery die out so he couldn’t. He did his estimate based on the visual exterior damage. It too, amounted to a total loss. Oh well. The asshat’s insurance agent sent a dude with tow truck to junk our totaled car and papi drove to insurance office to collect crappy check. But we’re very happy with how our agent at the claims dept. handled things. Take note, that’s how you effectively keep a customer!


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