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Turkey Dodadecahedron !


Gobble! Gobble!

This past week has been monumentally rough and I’ll put that into the next post. Apologies for not posting last week.
*ruffle feathers*

As a result, I’ve had to stop & go – stop & go –
stop & go – stop & go – with this thing that I am doing. Which is replacing this template entirely. NOT easy as I look at it now and realize exactly how much crap I’ve put into this template. So to carry that over to the next is tedious and will take some time to finish up.

In good news, First Neighbor (with great wifi) returned and am now back online with no bad connection weirdness. Except sometimes on weekends. NOICE.

In the meantime, enjoy Turkey Dodadecahedron. He’s here standing by until I’m done over here. Lupita has the day off as she does whenever there’s an awards show going on. And I lost the Mickey Rourke oscar pool. I didn’t know he had a chihuahua named Loki – Holy coincidence Batman!- that’s my chihuahua’s name too! WIGGY…Anyway, he shoulda gotten it- MAN did he get ripped off! And fuck that other guy – did you see him in the Spirit Awards? That clip is so epic that I posted it below.

Keep up the great work Mickey!


Meet Lupita!

She’s my newest part-time employee! Lupita Cecilia Conchita Rivera-DelMar, who wants you to know she’s a full-fledged member of the Big and Beautiful club.

She’ll be around helping me clean up some untidy CSS code. See what she just did? She’s greatful I pay her in pre-paid phone cards, VHS tapes and fruity mini soaps she sends back home. They’re only just getting episodes over there of CSI en Miami and Clerx the cartoon. And J_ho videos, but they’re mostly used for tinder for her pueblo’s chimmeny’s. She’s all like, ‘how come that puta doesn’t speak Spanish?’ I tell her our public schools are a little less better than where she’s from and she’s all glad this is just a temporary gig for her so she can return home. Lupita laughs a lot at the show Monk, some Kevin Smith movies, and zoo monkeys (just like me!) and she tells me she didn’t think it was possible for white people to work in convenience stores without owning them- LOL! She is just precious!

I’ve worked with many of Lupita’s family and friends working so many odd jobs. In essence we are all hermanos & hermanas so I guess she’s like an older sister to me. Hermana makes a mean pernil sandwich- nom-nom…she’s also a hard worker, and I know I’ve seen this lady lifting well over 50lbs. of Gater-aid crates. Move over Rosie the Riveter, there’s a new muchacha in town!

Anyhoo, you’ll be seeing a lot of her around whenever I’m doing major overhauls on this blog, such as tonight. Kinda tired of being held hostage to a faulty template with major bugs, so I’m gonna install it’s latest version and try to re-install all my widgets, see how that pans out. It may take all weekend seeing how this connection is mad slow. Basically you should see something new Monday or Tuesday night. In the meantime, you can ask Lupita to make you a sandwich y tostones. Buen aprovecho!

Twitter Profile Change

Lo and behold! I changed the SuperMunk Twitter profile’s look.
So here, it all is…changed it to sorta match this blog. I need to change wallpapers often as I seem to have image ADD or something. So uh, what do you guys think?

Please feel free to leave love/hate mail. Because I’m bored right now. And uh, I REEEALLY value your input! For reals! But yea, ennui…it’s a killa!