Template Change- 6

The latest changes to SuperMunk.
Excited, are we? I know I am. I’m excited like a crack baby on children’s robitussan on Halloween!

So here is where I’m at:

  1. I added a disclaimer and it can be located under the Tidbits button at the top
  2. I redid my Label Cloud to proudly display all my new Labels
  3. My Recent Posts is functioning properly and it was due to a FeedBurner issue
  4. Uploaded a free stats counter and an SEO counter thans to BraveNet
  5. Started a Blip.Fm account. More on it’s importance in a seperate post
  6. Added a Twitter Counter
  7. Discovered Google Webmaster Tools and activated it earlier today
  8. Finally acquired a laptop cooling pad from Target. It hums loudly though

And that is all. Accomplishing uch enourmous progress in a few short days is extremely satisfying and boy, it is a rush-lemmetellyou! Right now I am furiously working to crack the FeedBurner code. It is mysterious and not a whole lot of good sites out there explain it. I’ll talk in further detail about FB in another post.


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