SuperMunk Disclaimer

*Last Updated March 15, 2009, on the Ides of March no less*

Greetings and Salutations!

This here is a disclaimer.
This is what one looks like, in case you didn’t already know:

Because people are morons. No, not you. ?!
Ok, maybe you…you there in the back!…

Now listen up cholos!

The premise of this here blog is merely a chronicling of my travails as a one-woman design firm, sort of.

As SuperMunk, I publish every painful detail of my rise to the top. Every step and misstep.
By adapting myself to embrace such terms as SEO/ back links/ meta tags/ affiliate marketing –
I will simultaneously teach myself to ca$h in on this internet experience. And I will tell you about it too.

As Strongvillage, you get to see all my artwork under the same name, thrust into the world.
Witness it’s evolution and my exploits in debuting my artistry to the world, from unknown artist to influential
designer ingenue.

That’s just the little voices in your head making you think that! Cuz I don’t order anyone around.
It’s not in my nature.
Unless I do, in which case you will know about it.
It will sound something like, GO DO THIS. Or DANCE MONKEY, DANCE! Yea, something like that.

Understand that this blog is not meant to offer advice of
any kind, even if it looks that way, so please, don’t copy me!

I don’t claim to be an expert at any of this, and I intentionally make mistakes to learn from. Now I don’t expect some fool copy me and then bitch about it…

I tell people how I go about doing things, but I don’t order anyone to go and do anything.
That’s all up to you.

I’m just here telling a story, MY STORY, not writing a to-do-list for people to follow and consequently destroy themselves.
I don’t really care if you succeed or fail in life or anything you do.
Because that’s not why I put up this site.
That, is the difference between me and those other SEO dudes.

Lemme say it again: I don’t care if you crash & burn in your
endeavors. Because this site is all about me. Me, dammit!

Again, you are responsible for the consequences of your own actions and decisions. Clearly that goes without saying, but to satisfy legal I am stating it here and now.

Conversely, if you decide to click upon one of my many reference links, and somehow it ends up corrupting
your computer or results in some similarly shitty scenario, (though I really hope not) then it’s all in your hands.

I have no way of checking the legitimacy of 3rd party websites. But if I get some sense that a site is super spammy or suspicious in any way, I will not backlink to it at all.
And if I do put backlinks in my posts, I do not put them up as endorsements but as reference material relevant to my posts.
Unless they’re my own of course 😉

And I don’t get anything out of it in terms of money or prizes,
but the day i do, I will not only tell you about it but
I will sing it from the hilltops and sing Oh Hallelluyah!

Once you leave my site, you are responsible for your actions.
And I am not responsible for 3rd party websites
and their content.Please exercise good judgement.

So yea, don’t be a moron.

Say if tomorrow, I go smoke crack-cocaine for no reason and tell you how great my experience was from my point-of-view, don’t go and do the same thing just ‘cuz I wrote about it here. Don’t go getting ideas.
No monkey-see, monkey-do!

Also, this next bit goes for all the overtly-sensitive retards out there:

There’s this little freedom that I enjoy in the good ol’ United States of America.

It’s called the 1st Amendment.

With that in mind, know right now that I do not, will not, under no uncertain terms, censor this website.

For example, I don’t deliberately go out of my way to write up cuss words for shock value, it’s just the
ghettoliscious in me I guess, and it’s also stress relief.
This beast cannot be contained and I don’t plan to contain jack shit; you’ve been warned.

So if I wanna talk about tittays and twatt tomorrow and you’re still tuning in, don’t bitch to me. I can and will make
continuous changes to the SuperMunk site as time goes on and if you don’t like it, go away. Block it out of your computer.
It’s that simple.

For example:
You don’t allow your kid to flip thru the Playboy Channel and then demand to the FCC to shut it down and all the other ‘unsavory’ channels out there. Duh!

Don’t be a bitch-ass troll. Be a better parent.

The kind that prevents kiddies from ever finding this semi-mature (immature?) content in the first place.
You see what I just did there? I just shamed you. That’s right!
Although why on earth would any minors find this site remotely interesting or even read through is beyond me…
If anything, you should discipline them and yourself for having bad taste, lol!

If you are too lazy/ ignorant to educate yourself about how the internet works and want to complain to me about my content, don’t.
Instead, go run your face into the wall a few times whenever you get the urge to complain to me about anything. I find that it certainly helps a lot.
Me. It amuses me so. (^-^)

Hey, there’s this magic tool you can find in cyberspace and it prevents lil’ denis-da-menace from seeing anything fun online…

It’s called Net Nanny, it’s been around since the dot com boom, and here is their address if ya wanna look-see:

Now go enjoy my site, you magnificent bastards. And STFU. Thanks for visiting!


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