How I Divide My Time

So it’s not the glossy hi-tech workstation it should be (certainly not the one this geekgirl dreams of), but for now, it works for me. Besides, there’s not a whole lotta room in this cramped house to begin with; this bedroom alone is 10’x 15′. Luckily I can just manage to squeeze in a twin bed and armoire.

I’m glad I’m not going to some stupid shit-job right now. Because everything I’ve been doing every single day since SuperMunk’s inception has taken much longer than the typical 8 hour workday. I’m updating, reading through extensive code that looks like warbled jargon, getting carpal tunnel as I tweak my site, I’m reading/ reading/ reading non-stop. So if I start my day at 5:48am, I’m finishing up around 7pm-ish.

Then there are the hurdles. Living rent-free has it’s price, no joke. I have to clean house here for example. Like yesterday, to pull my weight I gave the dog a bath, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the bedrooms, dusted and vacuumed like crazy. And nevermind my dust allergies; this took all morning.

Then there is dinner. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don’t have to. It’s incredibly tricky to cook for people with cholesterol and diabetes issues. We all mostly make our own stuff around here anyways so it doesn’t take too much of my time.

And, I have to call up the cable/ phone/ auto insurance/ medicare people at moment’s notice, or at papi’s request. Even though I constantly remind them “You know, 1-800 numbers come in Spanish now” but they will have none of it. Why do it themselves when they got me as their personal assistant?

It’s not too demanding all things considered. I told my mom the other day that if it wasn’t for them, my ass would’ve been homeless after my boyfriend dumped me. Yikes! So yea, I’m a little- whole lot grateful.

So in between all of this, it seems drawing keeps taking a backseat. Fortunately for me, I already have a stash of ready-made drawings, I just have to color them in. But the really good stuff I’m hanging onto until I open my private store!

I drew this piechart to further illustrate my time-management skillz:

Ok, I know some of you are thinking that the thing is a waste…surprise! It’s not.

Much like Twitter, there is added value. Originally done for fun, I’ve noticed some of these folks that listen to my playlist actually track me down on Twitter, where I have a link to my site. So it’s another helpful tool to re-direct traffic flow, and if you’re a naysayer, continue with losing viewership*.

Of course, this is all contingent upon the popularity of your musical tastes. If you know your musical tastes are too obscure or wishy-washy, continue adding to that music list. Just keep extending it, because eventually there will be folks out there that will give props to your chosen songs.

On a completely diff. subject, I’m listening to Atreyu right this second, and remembering when I was onstage feeding cables to the camera-man at the Taste of Chaos tour (Asbury Park, NJ) when this band came on. Good times, good times. Very cold though, by the shore, in wintertime. Still wear my Atreyu hoodie proudly, busted zipper and all…

Anyway, Twitter is also helpful for the re-directing of flow. Yea, non-users also ask,
“Why would I want to ‘tweet’ just to read Joe Schmoe tell me that he had waffles for breakfast?” Well, it’s because he says some incredibly funny things in between and is hilarious. What’s he all about? Is that his web address up there? Now you’re getting it.

The Strongvillage site, I have nothing to report right now. There is much I need to add to it, but I’m debating opening it to SEO simply because I don’t want my drawings getting around like a Shanghai whore. Oh, I know, but more on that later. I’m gonna keep fixing up SuperMunk for now. Stay tuned.

*Viewership: the act of viewing of my page. I coined this phrase in the last post, where were you?!


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