What I Need And Don’t Need For My Site

Supposedly yesterday, Jan. 19 (third Monday of every new year) is the most depressing day of the year. Sucks for MLK. And I thought it was Christmas day, the only day ever to put SuperMunk into a supernova superfunk. See what I did there? With the copywriting? I’m cute, right? No? Moving on…

And superfunk-day definitely was yesterday, as I’ve found my progress stifled by my lack of blogging marketing sense and lack of blogging tech sense. The more I understand SEO, the more I find I am extremely lacking in the tech dept. That however, does not deter me in my quest.

Even me, a person who can build PC’s from scratch, who can upgrade and optimize computers, who is cross-platform fluent, is encountering continuously pestering issues…thought I knew it all, but I was wrong!

So as I stumble over my own two feet, I realize slowly what I need and don’t need:

What I don’t need is a million little bookmark tags at the bottom of each feed. Let’s be honest, several of these tags is cluttersome and irritating to look at. I shun away from seeing that littered mess at other people’s blogs so why add it to my own? The Add This bookmarking button should be enough

What I do need is to Label the most important words within each blog post for easy searching on not only my site, but by search engines and other blogs (Technorati, anyone?)

What I don’t need is a bunch of useless widgets whose only purpose is to entertain. Like the one’s that offer music or horoscopes. These things detract from the main purpose of this blog, which is for viewers to become infused with the content. It sends a message to the viewer that hey, checking your lucky numbers in that widget is more important than reading my post. Not exactly professional, eh?

What I do need is content within my sidebars that is relevant to boosting my readership. Things that help like a Recent Posts div box (so readers can scan your last few posts upon quick glance), Recent Comments div box (so audience is more likely to participate by scanning guest comments), a Label Cloud (so important posts will be easily accessed) and stat counters that show viewership. Is that a word? If not, I’m coining the phrase right here & now!

What I don’t need multiple buttons that all perform the same function. Trim off only what is unnecessary. These days, people like less flashy shit on sites and I believe that is one of the driving successes behind websites like Craigslist and Twitter. Less really is more.

What I do need is a properly functioning web feed management provider such as FeedBurner, FeedBlitz, Google Analytics. These services collect site stats on a daily basis, which is key in not just understanding your audience (who sees your page/ how often/ visited from which other site/when did they visit your site/ which posts are most popular/ etc.) but also for appearing lucrative for advertisers and affiliates

And all this I understood in one month’s span.

It was a whole lotta freakin’ reading but well worth it.

I find that you have to read several sites on the same subject because people are only human. Meaning, they sometimes write about something using a lot of jargon that only someone with the expertise of an engineer could ever understand. I search extensively for only the sites that are written in Dumbese, or, for people at my moronic level of comprehension.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts in life, this being no exception. Discovering that there is no one particular site that covers everything at such a basic, rudimentary level of understanding is a very sobering experience. A far cry from what all those markedly SEO bloggers preach.

It’s not easy to set up a blog that attracts attention.

It takes an INCREDIBLE amount of time. It takes sweat.

You read a lot. And I mean, A WHOLE LOT OF READING. That is why I spend so much time online, pilfering thru blog after blog. Thank God I read super fast, ‘cuz I’d faint if I had to go thru all that at a normal speed; I’d be Rip Van Winkle by the time I understood all I learned this past month!

The internet is enourmous and that goes without saying. Reading; seeing how the other guys do it; scratching my head and wondering why it is their scripts work for them. This is truly something one has to study and analyze for themselves.

So you register for helpful sites. You download helpful widgets/ scripts/ code/ toolbars? or whatever. Your eyes get tired from reading so much damn source code. You look away because your eyes are tired. Hurts if you don’t already know what to look for so you can change it later. You refresh your page. You save changes. But it won’t let you save changes because “your elements are not parsed well” so you go back and tweak. Tweak until you go mad trying to figure out this error message. Tweaking for hours without knowing if it’s even making a dent of difference, and realizing the futility of it all because IT nerd, you are not.

Then you find out the code you just downloaded is invalid in your blog because it is a code only used for WordPress blogs and yours is a Blogger blog. Now we see the differences in blogging platforms, something professional bloggers ever fail to bring much needed attention to.

So you educate yourself and in this process, other things begin to fall behind.

That is also why progress is still slow, and why drawing and adding new sketches is sadly taking a backseat to this whole learning progress. I am by now, without a doubt, one very exhausted and frustrated artist. But like I said, it does not deter me. Stay tuned.


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