Adding Greasemonkey and Technorati Tags Generator

UPDATE: You must keep Greasemonkey enabled as you apply your labels or the TTG won’t display. Also, you only need to put labels within the TTG and make sure each word is seperated by commas.

WEll F@#$ me two-ways to Thursday!

I just spent 88 motherf$#@*! min. trying to figure out what the f@#%*^ name of the bottom of my motherf@#$%^ browser is called.
Bottom Navigation Bar
. Because it’s been missing from my Firefox browser since FF version 1.5! Well we are up to version 3 now dagnabit!

I wish I knew the names of, mmm, things, that I need to add to my site! Enhancing my site is a tremendous pain in the arse because frankly dammit! I’m an artist, not a web designer! My expertise is seriously limited, and I still can’t code from scratch, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do as much as the next guy.

Bear with me now, because this gripe is absolutely relevant to what I am covering in this post: Greasemonkey and Technorati Tag Generator. (of the backlinking variety)

Very many-many-many-many-many, YES, MANY, webpages, varied word searches, and forums later, (in tiny letters! damn those teeny letters! and no, CTRL + didn’t do sh!t) I finally discovered why I couldn’t find any sites that contained the words Bottom Navigation Bar.

Because Firefox calls it by a different name: Status Bar.
(expletive erased)

And FYI, it’s located where you click View at top of your browser, and it’s in the drop-down menu. That’s right. 88 minutes, down the drain. And right in front of my nose.
*slaps forehead*

This is valuable time I could be putting towards drawing new designs, cleaning up vector drawings, filling them in with color, posting them, but no! Now this designer has to familiarize herself with such important key words like

  • anchor text links
  • paid adwords
  • page rank
  • backlinking
  • labels
  • meta tags
  • description
  • SEO (which covers everything above really)

And this missing Horizontal Navigation Bar; another of it’s many aliases; vanished after one of my many FF upgrades many moons ago. It wasn’t terribly important to me before as I only noticed it’s disappearance when I couldn’t find my McAfee SiteAdvisor (for Firefox) to warn me of sketchy web content. I figured, hey, it’s in my AddOns and it’s Enabled, so ok it’s working.

I never imagined how crucial it’s resurgence would be for what I’m about to do, which is adding my labels:

Now I came across the following video about using this wonderful Technorati strip to applying labels to posts. I believe it came out before Blogger went Beta in 2006.

So you’ll notice the guys obtain the script for this Technorati tool by using an application called Greasemonkey. WTH is that?

Greasemonkey is an Add On script for your Firefox browser. It easily installs user scripts. You just find the link of a script you like, click on the GM icon at the bottom of your Status Bar and click New User Script. The above video shows you live demonstration. You can also find it under Tools at the top of browser, Greasemonkey, click New User Script. It does the rest, easy-squeezy.

Now that it’s installed, you restart Firefox. And voila! The icon’s placed on your Status Bar.

Now let’s talk Labels. Based on all the damn reading I’ve been doing (and it never ends :-P), what I can gather is that Labels are awesome for SEO if you know how to manipulate them. They get picked up by major search engines such as Technorati, Digg, De.Li.Ci.Ous, etc. and helps your page ranking by indexing your posts.

Better page rank : more viewers : higher analytics : interested advertisers

More labels and backlinks makes your page more noticeable. It makes it easier for viewers to instantly find posts with key words inside the Search Bar on your page. It also means you can install a Label Cloud, a.k.a. Tag Cloud, which I’ll discuss another time. So for Labels, you want to do everything possible to make your page stand out amongst millions. Tricky to do but not impossible.

So from my point-of-view, I’ve already installed Greasemonkey and the Technorati Tag Generator. In fact, you have to use Greasemonkey TO install the Generator. (thus the importance of the download)

Here’s what the Generator looks like:

Yea, it’s basically that long entry box with the Technorati logo on left and the green Append Tags button on right.

So how to use? Simple. I’ll demonstrate by labeling these following two words:

Turn Around

Ok, I punched in those words below in my not just my built-in Blogger’s Label generator, but also my TTG . Like below:

And then, this was the end result:

So that’s all there is to it. Make sure ALL the words you wanna tag are put into the Generator BEFORE hitting that Append Tags button. You can see my own labels at the bottom of this post, highlighted in blue.

Although some folks have reported their posts not appearing on Technorati and weird bugs, to be on the safe side just check your posts on Technorati to see if they are being indexed there after posting. Ok, that’s all for now. Now start labeling already!

*Grateful to and for supplying the script to TTG. Keep up the good work guys!

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