Design Contest 1

Ok, I’m struggling with a crisis of faith. In myself.

I always have this damn problem. It seems everytime I’m intent on submitting an entry to a design contest, I always think it is too damn good for the swine to profit off of me so I tend to keep it. Cuz I love it so much. And I think it’ll make me more $$$ if I put it into my own online store. Only I haven’t gotten around to that either with all of the shenanigans as of late.
Such as the auto insurance forms that never end, the flu I caught, the internet signal that dissappeared for a few days, etc.

BUT, if I don’t submit, then no one will ever know of me. So!

I’m asking everyone out there to vote for me instead!

So here’s the drawing:

  • Beautiful Decay
  • Design By Humans
  • Threadless
  • Keep it for my future online store


One response to “Design Contest 1

  1. You go girl! I’m your biggest fan!! I’m starting your fan club as we speak!!!

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