Template Change-4

  • If you haven’t already noticed, I’m struggling with the template’s built-in Search Bar. It just doesn’t work and I can’t understand it’s code.

So I temporarily inserted a downloadable Search Bar widget which works perfectly. Use than instead if you need to do any searches.

  • FINALLY! I got the right code for the 125×125 banner ads.

The reason it wasn’t working before is because I ripped the html from somewhere in cyberspacce, but not the CSS code. And you need to insert both to get it working right.

The other noticeable change is the ‘About Me’ and ‘Freebies’ sections:

  • If you click on the ‘About Me’ it will take you to my description page. I’ve revised it but will continue to make additional changes over time.

  • If you click on the ‘Freebies’ you will notice I’ve added sub-pages with Wallpapers/ Avatars/ Icons. These pages will serve as previews, and will link to the downloads page on my design site. Speaking of which, I am gonna go update that site today.

New downloads will be changed periodically, about a monthly basis, but once they’re gone, then they are gone. I do not foresee keeping them up any longer than a month, so grab ’em while you can!

On a different subject, I dyed my hair blue-black yesterday. I always use the professionall dyes and buy my developers seperately, because A) it’s cheaper than the box kits, and B) color comes out more powerful. Usually you mix 2oz. of each tint and developer (1:1 ratio) into a plastic mixing cup. I bought mine for $3 at the local beauty supply because it has the measurements etched along the sides. And there’s no way to fuck this up unless of course, you’re a complete dumbass. Or a C student. Or both-hey, the day’s not over!

So why am I talking about hair dye on this blog?
BECAUSE, it is extremely liberating, wearing my hair however the fuck I want.
I was overdue for a dyeing ‘cuz I was still wearing my lightened summer highlights. The beauty of not having to punch a clock is dressing how you want, and I want to be outrageous! Working from home rules!

I used L’Oreal Color Gems (it’s demi-permanent) in Blue-Black and the color came out s0ooOo even! Bonus points for not containing ammonia! Now it seems more jet black, and the blue sheen is subtle but it makes me look surprisingly good and not pale as I had originally thought! Maybe I’ll go over it with other blue hair dye. Maybe it’s time to update my profile avatar?

Oh, I’ve accidentally discovered a product called Hair Primer by L’Oreal and it’s supposed to prep your hair ready for the harsh dyeing process. This way it’s not left overtly dry and evens up color. Sweet. I’ll be getting some next time and review it too. Keep watching!


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