Template Change-3

Oh man, is my back sore! Got all kinds of kinks in it from the snow shoveling. Worse, more snow to come! Tomorrow! *sigh*

And because of my pain, sitting down for long periods to work on my laptop is excrutiating. But I got more changes accomplished today.

  • Tag Cloud:

From what I gather, the tag cloud is a fun feature that pulls tagged/ linked items from all over your site, be it template code or plain ol’ posts, and automatically offers it up in plain view inside whatever div box you created. Since I use Blogger, I just put the html code within a new widget. Easy squeezy, right?

Unfortunately Blogger is now owned by Google, and since it’s acquisition, I’ve noticed progress has been, um, gosh I don’t know what word to use. Redundant? I suppose Blogger’s version of an easy plug-in would be the drag-and-drop widgets you can place upon Page Elements, which are incredibly FRUSTRATING to use! Why?

~ You have many options for widgets but Google offers too many subscription-only types

~ Half of these widgets have broken links and you don’t know until you click on it

~ They are such useless/ distracting gimmicks instead of being helpful tools (why would I want to distract my audience from reading my content when my site is supposed to earn me MONEY???)

~ Some are laced with AdSense in a not-so-discreet fashion, therefore visually butt-ugly

~ It’s stupid when they allow to change the Length & Width values, but only @ their pre-set maximum so it never quite fills your wide sidebar

~ Sometimes their animated flash widgets don’t work, sometimes they do animate

~ If you look through their widgets listings, when you click on the next 20 you realize the first couple of widgets are repetitions from the first page

~ Sifting through too many repetitions make my eyesight tired and painful so I look away

I think Google added this customizable Page Elements tab so people don’t have to go scour all over the internet looking for the right one.
Guess what Google? YOU FAIL.

These widgets suck ass so badly that I no longer bother looking through them. No, can’t. It angers me too much! So exhausting looking thru all those damn pages for even one helpful widget, and even then, you have to pray the link’s not broken or that you already have a subscription to whatever service created it.

No, I don’t want a tag cloud by Ebay, Google News, or whoever! I don’t care about those guys. I just want the code so I can make my own simple tag cloud with my own tags!

Mayhaps Google accepting hidden incentives from such ineffective widget-makers. Why else would they keep these inefficient widgets in place? Any conspiracy thoughts?

And you have ANY IDEA what I went through to find one simple Tag Cloud code? The most popular sites give you all this crap about placing your code before and after html tags in your template, blah blah blah, and then after i do it, doesn’t work! Even after several revisions and triple checking my code for closed end-tags…


So when I finally found a site that offered it, I was ever so grateful. And to you guys, I’m gonna do the right thing (unlike many bloggers who don’t bother listing where they get their shit from) and offer the link so you can grab it too! http://www.tagcloud-generator.com/index.html

  • 125 Pixel Ads Space

It’s all the rage now. WordPress has an easy and convenient plug-in for it. Features like these are why WordPress blogs are tools of choice for many pro-bloggers.

And yet, Google does not offer such a plug-in. All it offers is an Ad-Sense widget. Whoopee.

Now the best pro-templates out there already have such code already embedded. This template I’m using does not. It was free, so I’m not complaining. But no worries, for all my reading I found a WordPress forum that offered the code up for grabs. I took it and installed it within a new Gadget at Page Elements. (you need to have Blogger to really understand what the hell I’m talking about)

God bless the dude that posted it. Here is the link: http://www.solostream.com/forum/index.php?topic=19.0

My only issue is getting half the ad squares to align on the right side. I’ll figure it out eventually. Hopefully soon. Getting mighty tired of trying to hunt all of cyberspace for simple shit like this.


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