Template Change – 2

I, am eating comfort food on a cold blustery day. And it’s called Campbell’s Italian Wedding soup. It’s awesome. But not as good as the authentic version they make in the city, and I would buy it now and again from Lenny’s Deli when I used to work on Wall Street. Still miss it.

For those that don’t know, I live in the suburbs between New York City and the Hamptons.

Today, we got bombarded with a freak snowstorm, the likes of which kept going all afternoon. So being the good little monkey that I am, I put on 37 layers of clothing and my mink coat and fleece teddybear hat with the ears and shoveled the hell out of the driveway and sidewalk that wraps around our house. My elderly parents are grateful and I paid my dues rite there.

Fun little fact about mink: It dries fast. And blocks out windchill. I can see why cavemen loved this shit.

We have, the widest property on the block; non-paved (shovel kept getting caught in cracks); and no snow blower.

I must’ve shed at least 3lbs. lifting all that heavy frickin’ snow. Look, I’m (currently) a 110lb. weakling who as of late has been plagued with chronic fatigue. So it was to my surprise, that I worked fast and diligently and kept going like I was on crack. It’s like I derived all this energy from nowwhere!? Did not stop until I reached 75% to the end of the driveway then called it quits. Now I am tired as all fuck. And sore.

So all I could muster today was enough energy for two changes to my template.

First up, the most obvious change is the addition of the simple Search This Site widget. Makes it easier to dig through posts, even though this site is at it’s infancy right now and all you have to do is scroll down…

Second, notice the new bar displayed underneath my header. Yep. This is known in Bloggersphere as a ‘breadcrumb trail’ for easy navigation.
It’s supposed to make navigation smoother by displaying messages above posts including archives and search and label pages. We’ll see how effectively this plays out.
Trial and error folks! I’ll keep adding anything that looks remotely helpful to this site and remove what doesn’t work for me. It truly is a journey!

In the meantime, I’m also going to be fixing up my other site. It’s my design site and boy it needs help in the looks department! Eventually it will link to this one, but for now you only get to see this until I am ready to debut the other.

Speaking of the other site, I mainly use it to display current works of art. And currently, I am designing a shirt for some contest which will get done before end of weekend. So I will post a preview here before entering it. Stay tuned.


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