Another Day, Another HTML Quirk


The only progress I’ve managed to make in the last 2 days is adding the Recent Comments widget to my sidebar. Oh, and I’ve modified my title tags in order to enhance my SEO (search engine optimization).

I’ve lost so much track of time. I honestly thought today was Tuesday.

My mom found a little stray dog 2 days ago and it’s been drama since. Doggy was not in top shape. We took it to the animal shelter. I followed up today and was told 5 applications for adoption had been put in so, hooray!

Only today did I finally got back into modifying my site. Oh doggy drama!

I pretty much slept all day yesterday from a full 24hrs of dog barking and cleaning well-hidden piss puddles and random turds. I swear this dog is too young and much too small to ever need a colostomy bag but hey! Everything is possible.

Finally! After a good night’s sleep, I worked diligently all day and noticed a few quirks to my current template.

  • my ‘comments’ footer is located above each post, just like the original template. What’s worse is I can’t figure out where it’s located in my template and/or how to modify it
  • If I try to add the post footer code to this template from the original, Blogger won’t accept it and notify’s me ‘it is not well parsed’
  • my newly modified template won’t allow me to add any html after this line of code: <b:section class=’sidebar’ id=’sidebar’ preferred=’yes’> and as a result I can’t seem to add any java script to my sidebar
  • I tried adding the widget code to my Page Elements instead, but showed up exactly as html
  • Had an issue with FeedFlare where it instructed me to add a snippet of code to my template and of course, it has to be under the non-existent post-footer section of code I am missing

I was lucky in that I figured out how to add Recent Comments to my Page Elements without including the code in my template. Unfortunately I was not able to accomplish this with any Tag Cloud.

It’s become a real problem as I can’t add anything after the sidebar line of code. I know it’s probably some line of code I need to remove or modify, but like I said, I don’t know PHP or any programming languages so this is troublesome for me.

I’ve taken steps to reach out to some bloggers in blogosphere to determine where it is that I need to make my vital changes. Hopefully I’ll get a response soon. The alternative would be to begin from scratch anew, and I’m not sure I have that kind of time right now. I’m falling waaay behind, and haven’t set up my Zazzle store yet.

I’d love to get this all down soon so I can finally get AdSense installed. 😛


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