Ok, I See

My gut instinct was right. Those side bars got tossed to the right.

And an unexpected surprise happened: It seems my Google Adsense code is set to appear after every post. Now that’s annoying. I expected it to happen every so often but not each and every time.

I suppose I should remove it. It was left inside the original template from the author as a sort of placeholder so I don’t lose my way. I haven’t activated AdSense yet out of fear of my site looking unprofessional. And it still sorta does. The tabs are still generic; I haven’t named them. The comments strip is still above the posts and at the very least, I can’t find a decent tag cloud out there.

The only progress I made today I think is the creation of my SuperMunk favicon. It’s there and it’s allright, though from what I understand, may not show up in Internet Explorer. Who cares; everyone uses Firefox now and I’m ready to graduate to Opera anyway.

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